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Lazy Blogging = Links :)
April 24, 2011, 2:16 pm
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I’m still in the midst of the April craziness in the office, so here are some links for you to enjoy. Happy Easter!

  • I don’t like eating peeps, but I thought this was a cute idea.
  • I also don’t like decorating eggs, but these are beautiful and I also like these blown eggs ornaments.
  • I love sandwiches and thoroughly agree with points one and two here and found inspiration from some of the other numbers. I wasn’t, however, convinced on number 6 – Ham and Cheese with mustard or jelly on a donut? Did I read that correctly? The picture doesn’t appear to have donuts. I’d love to hear what your favorite sandwich is.
  • I like dishes! In college I had enough white ceramic cups for every girl on my wing to enjoy a cup of coffee. It probably comes as no surprise then, that I like these plate racks.
  • Check out these invisible man pictures. Very cool!
  • I made Seared Salmon with a Balsamic Glaze for the first time this weekend. It wasn’t too bad. I usually stick to chicken, but I’m getting more adventurous with cooking meets. Next up: Black Pepper Beef in Peanut Sauce. Yum!
  • It’s amazing what a little color can do. Check out this front door makeover.
  • I guess it is the season to redo outdoor living areas. My roommate and her parents worked diligently in our courtyard yesterday. It looks great! Pleated Poppy also shows an updated porch here. I love her hanging lanterns. She has a tutorial for them here.
  • One of my favorite things in the recent Martha Steward magazine was the book themed baby shower. The Sweetest Occasion has pictures of it here.
  • What a cute idea: flower cone invitations!
  • I was greatly encouraged by Gunner’s recent post on how the gospel frees us up to be the prophet and the poet, to have grace and truth.

Links I Love

April and August are busy seasons around here. There are so many things to do, people to hang with, and conversations to be had, so blogging is not high on the priority list. That being said, I wanted to share some lovely links with you:

Vintage Fabric Garden Markers

A Handbook on Leading Christian Organizations – I think this book would be an interesting read, especially because of who is recommending it.

What is the wasted life? – This is a good reminder.

Bread and Honeyed Brown Butter Spread – Yes, please!

Adorable Items from Anthropologie

Contact Paper Flags and Bunting – Can’t wait for an event to use these at.

April Fools Bumper Sticker for the Manly Man – This made me laugh.

15 New and Forthcoming Books Deserving Your Attention

Photos of Bubbles

Preppy Little Man Baby Shower – So cute!!!!!

Mason Jar Pendant Lights

I’m sure I could post more, but my time is up.

This weekend I am making 500 desserts for a tea party, prepping for a trip to my grandmother’s for her 90th birthday, and dreaming of what to make to eat for bacon fest at our weekly game night. I love that game night has officially become about the food, and the people of course :). I’m pondering pan-de-jamon (Slightly sweet bread with ham, bacon, raisins, and olives wrapped inside. It’s Venezuelan and it is delishhhhhh!), bacon-wrapped dates with an almond inside, bacon-wrapped pineapple, chocolate drizzled bacon, BLT’s, and maple donuts with crumbled bacon on top. Oh the artery-clogging possibilities.

Links I Love to Share with You!
February 22, 2011, 7:57 am
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  • Really excited to read this book. Here is a review of it. The grid really get’s you thinking as does Justin Taylor’s last paragraph:

…Reserve your conflict, your arguments, and your persistent corrections to that quadrant [high importance and I know with certainty that it is truth]. Here’s its corollary: keep that region small. The fruitfulness of correction tends to come from a smaller region than we assume. We default to making that region larger than is fruitful. We wear people out by putting more issues in the upper-right quadrant than belong there.

Facebook + Valentine’s Day – This is good stuff: “If someone you know is posting pictures of their hot date on Facebook, I guarantee you weren’t missing out on anything. The last time I turned up the heat, I wasn’t thinking about Facebook.”

  • I may know someone who these would be cute for. I guess we will have to wait a little longer to find out if they are cute or incredibly inappropriate :).
  • I am always looking for good slow-cooker recipes, so if you have any, please send them my way. I am intrigued by the Cranberry Chipotle Beef. I may have to give it a try.
  • This looks like it would be a good video. I haven’t watched it, but the summary statements at the bottom of the post are good.
  • I want to go here and eat homemade chewy granola bars on the hike.
  • God’s creative design and power amazes me!
  • Justin Taylor has a link to an article here on The Five Best Toys of All Time. It is so true. He also has this post which tells of a new citation app to make bibliographies easier. I’m super excited about that!

I’m sure the links could continue, but I don’t want to overwhelm you with the link love :).

Happy February 14th!

Well, Valentines day didn’t quite measure up to what I wanted this year. I’ve been sick in bed and confined to the house for the last several days, so baking, packages, decorations, and my annual tradition of choosing one random person on campus to fill their mailbox to overflowing with valentines didn’t happen. One of my college roommates did this for me one year and it was such a treat that I’ve done it every year since that I have been on campus. Oh well! The one thing I was able to do was write some valentines. Aren’t they adorable? These sweet cards came in an 8 pack from Target.



Here are just a few of the lovely things I would have liked to have made:

Envelopes with Heart Seals

Love Bug Cookies

Bakerella Treats

Some Sweet Ideas from Inchmark

Ok so I wouldn’t have made this but it is lovely:


Once again, wouldn’t have done but it is so cute:

Valentines Breakfast for Kids


PomPom Heart Toppers


I really couldn’t think of a way I would have rather spent this Valentine’s Day. It was great to be back in the office. I had some great chats with friends who swung by. I had a Valentine from the Keller boys! Dinner with dear dear friends. Hanging with couples who really love each other. Dessert at a fabulous Big Band Concert put on by TMC just for the faculty and staff … and I even got to see two of my brothers who surprised me this evening by stopping by to pick up a jeep they had left at my house. To top it all off, I received ultrasound pictures of my sweet, littlest nephew or niece. Love it! Happy Valentine’s Day to all!


These two things that showed up in our office were just so cute that I had to share them with you:

Happy February 1st!
February 1, 2011, 6:56 am
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Hi Y’all! The first month of 2011 flew by. So many good things, so little to blog about, so I’ll give you an eclectic group of links to look at.

Lemon Yellow, Grey and Craft Paper – So lovely! Grey is becoming my new favorite color. I used to not like it with brown, but now I do. My fashion sense is growing under the tutelage of Heidi and Joe, Kellie, and Karrie :).

Apostrophe and S – Here is a post on grammar. The Jr. High teacher in me loves it! The other part of me wonders if he is talking to me :). I know the rule, but I’m sure I don’t always apply the rule :(. This was a good reminder and it was good to think through why grammar rules exist. Most exist to make speech more clear. That should be motivation to follow them.

Valentine Pizza – If you are serving pizza to your honey on Valentine’s Day (note the apostrophe placement), you wont want to miss this.

Unattainable – This thoughtful little piece considers the desire to work for a grade, or praise, or any other attainable result versus working to please God. What are you working towards? Here is a little excerpt:

But I think that the most important thing God wants me to learn in this season of my life, is to get away from the checklist mentality. God doesn’t work by checklists. I could be satisfied with myself in school and as a teacher by those letters and checkmarks, but did I even consider God’s standards? Man looks on the outside, but God looks on the heart. But it’s so easy to look on the outside when evaluating ourselves. But what about my heart?

DIY Rubber Stamps – If you are crafty, give these a try. So cute!

The Most Influential Books For Reformed Evangelicals – Here is a list of influential books from the blog reader’s of TMC’s most recent chapel speaker.

Object of Faith – Great quote shared by Joshua Harris.

The 90 Minute Plan for Personal Effectiveness – Advice I probably need to put into practice.

What’s for Dinner? – Here are some recipes that can be prepared in advance and frozen. Haven’t tried them but I bookmarked it. Maybe you could give them a try and tell me how they are :)?

Does God Get Disappointed in Believers when We Disobey? – David Powlison answers on video.