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Lazy Blogging = Links :)
April 24, 2011, 2:16 pm
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I’m still in the midst of the April craziness in the office, so here are some links for you to enjoy. Happy Easter!

  • I don’t like eating peeps, but I thought this was a cute idea.
  • I also don’t like decorating eggs, but these are beautiful and I also like these blown eggs ornaments.
  • I love sandwiches and thoroughly agree with points one and two here and found inspiration from some of the other numbers. I wasn’t, however, convinced on number 6 – Ham and Cheese with mustard or jelly on a donut? Did I read that correctly? The picture doesn’t appear to have donuts. I’d love to hear what your favorite sandwich is.
  • I like dishes! In college I had enough white ceramic cups for every girl on my wing to enjoy a cup of coffee. It probably comes as no surprise then, that I like these plate racks.
  • Check out these invisible man pictures. Very cool!
  • I made Seared Salmon with a Balsamic Glaze for the first time this weekend. It wasn’t too bad. I usually stick to chicken, but I’m getting more adventurous with cooking meets. Next up: Black Pepper Beef in Peanut Sauce. Yum!
  • It’s amazing what a little color can do. Check out this front door makeover.
  • I guess it is the season to redo outdoor living areas. My roommate and her parents worked diligently in our courtyard yesterday. It looks great! Pleated Poppy also shows an updated porch here. I love her hanging lanterns. She has a tutorial for them here.
  • One of my favorite things in the recent Martha Steward magazine was the book themed baby shower. The Sweetest Occasion has pictures of it here.
  • What a cute idea: flower cone invitations!
  • I was greatly encouraged by Gunner’s recent post on how the gospel frees us up to be the prophet and the poet, to have grace and truth.

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OOH, I may need to borrow the baby shower Martha Stewart book! :o)

Comment by Belinda

jenn! Ok, here’s my new favorite sandwich…

sour dough bread
green apple
brie cheese (not the fat free kind)
grey poupon (i hate that mustard but it’s great on this sandwich)

put everything on the bread and then grill it like a panini or like a grilled cheese with a little butter on the outside of the sour dough. YUM!

Comment by becca baughman

Yum! When can we eat them together. I miss you.

Comment by teachingtolearn

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