Teaching to Learn and Learning to Teach

Friends, Friends, and more Friends

  • Friday afternoon: lunch with friends who greatly impacted my life and had definite roles and investments in God leading me to be an RD
  • Late Friday afternoon: coffee with a friend who has my old job
  • Friday evening chat with one of my old roommies. I never see them any more :(.
  • Saturday morning coffee with my dear friend , Jen Holmes.
  • Saturday late afternoon headed down to Disney Day with Summer for the best Disney trip ever! I only rode one ride, but it was sooooo good to hang with Sum and to see so many other friends who were there for Disney Day.
  • Saturday evening: briefly saw Laura and Adam for a minute. Thanks for the Torani syrup and the avocados :).
  • Sunday afternoon: Porto’s Cuban Bakery after church with all of my old roommates. Guess I can’t say I never see them anymore.
  • Sunday late afternoon: Talked with my dear former student, Anuja. So encouraging to hear her plans, dreams, and desires for college next year and for beyond college.
  • Sunday evening: Time with my ARAs. I love them :).

Does it come as a surprise to anyone right now that I despirately need to do homework?

Valentine’s Day on Campus

I love the thoughtfulness on campus for Valentine’s Day. People baked up a storm in my kitchen for other people. The guys from our brother dorm also came and surprised their sister wings. One wing wore all black and came in at 3:30 in the morning. Unfortunately, many of the girls on the wing they were surprising were awake and they got caught, but that is part of the fun. The put bubble wrap down the hallway and hung hearts and candy from the ceiling. They also put up advertisements for dates for one of the single guys in their dorm with a bio and tear off numbers at the bottom :). Another brother wing braided streamers and were thoughtful enough to ask ahead if there were cork boards or white boards by each door so that they would know whether they needed push pins or tape. Their willingness to craft and their thoughtfulness of the girls in the dorm warmed my heart. It was also very sweet because each treat the girls on a wing got whether it was from a brother wing or from their RA or ARA, I got one delivered to my door too. Here is a link to a video of one of the wings being decorated.


In case that doesn’t work, here are some sub-par iphone pics that don’t give you the full effect of the festivities :).

Monte Carlo Night
February 5, 2012, 10:34 pm
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Sweazy’s annual black-tie game night was this weekend. Here are a few pics of the set-up beforehand. It was a lot of fun!


Metallic Garland Photo Wall and Photo Props
Lots of Silver and Gold
White Christmas Tree Lights (A Must at Almost Every Sweazy Event)

New Additions to the lounge:

Working Ping-pong Table
Pool Table from our Bigger and Better Christmas Event, but now with all the necessities to actually play.


Flavored Popcorns
Gluten-free Pretzel Rolo Turtles
Red Vines
Snack Mix
Italian Cream Sodas (This was a first for me. Delish! A little ice, little half-and-half, lots of club soda, and some Italian syrup).

  • Adrienne and Raqel visited my family with me. My dad cleaned the house because he thought Adrienne might be a boy
  • Spent Valentine’s Day with some of my favorite peeps: Joe and Heidi, Karrie, Dave and Tricia, Lisa, and Jess Stucky and then attended the big band concert
  • Hosted Women to Women with Heidi
  • Enjoyed the Idiot Abroad Dinner Club
  • Had an informal interview on the beach for my dream job without realizing it
  • Saw West Side Story :(, Beauty and the Beast :), Bill Cosby, The Gettys, as well as Miracle on 34th St. at The Million Dollar Theater in L.A.
  • Discovered Cleo’s a trendy Middle Eastern restaurant close to the Pantages
  • Enjoyed “Game Nights” and a bacon feast with RED, Adrienne, and Phil
  • Made 500 cake pops and bars for the Ladies’ Tea at Church
  • Went to Iowa and celebrated my Grandmother’s 90th birthday with the Wilhite Clan.
  • Road Trip with Jessica Wiley Frederickson for Sarah Marquez Wiley’s Baby Shower
  • Spent Easter with RED, Adrienne, and the Dennis Family
  • Helped with Breakfast for Year End Show
  • Said goodbye to dear friends: Jones Family and RED.
  • Settled into my first apartment
  • I became an RD after Dave and Karrie sang a job offer and after Joe gave me the RD Pep Talk
  • Had my first and hopefully my last root canal
  • Attended the Grand Baby Wedding for Bel and Bella
  • I ran out of gas
  • Survived August and learned a great deal about God as my rock, my defender, and advocate who knows my concerns, my needs, my fraility and my sin and despite all of that saved me and chooses to allow me to participate in His ministry
  • RD, RA, and SLS Retreat and WOW Week
  • Became friends with Sarah, Noelle, Natalie, Kaylin, Rae, Summer, and Stacey
  • Had many house guests including Raqel, Kellie Zerlang, Laura and baby Garrett, Cynthia and Jodi
  • Played Gotcha for the first time
  • Went to the Pasadena Flea Market and became a fan of Good Will
  • My sweet niece, Isabella, was born
  • Became reacquainted with old friends
  • Went back to school
  • Completed C.E.R.T – Community Emergency Response Training
  • Introduced to Dr. Mario, the best game ever :)
  • Watched the Keller boys for a weekend when Mabel was born
  • Celebrated 3 more holidays with the Kintner/Ramirez/Allen Families
  • Started a new tradition of retreating to Mount Hermon for a few days after Christmas

So thankful for the days God ordained for me.

Welcome to Sweazy!

Yesterday was WOW Saturday! So thankful for all the newbies that arrived yesterday and all the returners that will be coming.

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My New Home
July 1, 2011, 2:31 pm
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Just a little update. I’m all moved into my new home which is actually my old home. I’m back in the dorm I was in, in college and I’m soooooooo excited! My heart pumps orange blood. Go Sweazy!!!!

Plan B

What do you do when a monsoon swoops in on the very day you planned a lovely beach day on an island, these islands to be exact? That’s what we were asking ourselves yesterday at 4pm. The beach day was scheduled for today. Plans were needed for 20 people to have a this-is-better-than-my-first-trip-to-Disneyland day in a matter of hours. Yikes! But it was better than being a stick in the mud and not wavering from our originally-a-good-idea- until-the weather-report-came-in plan. Rather than experiencing sea sickness and frost bite, we opted for an old-school L.A. field trip.

Our first stop was Starbucks. Ok, ok, so I know there is nothing old-school-L.A. about Starbucks but on a drizzly, overcast, cold field trip day with a group of people who have been running a marathon all month treating them to a cup of Joe on Joe :) is a good idea.

Next stop: The Arboretum in Arcadia. Part jungle, part peacock haven, and part fun, it is the perfect place for a field trip. Literally. No, really. There were a lot of young school kids there on field trips. Now remember how we only thought of this yesterday afternoon? Well, it just so happens that when we got on the website, we found out that every third Tuesday is free. Tah-dah! Guess what today is? If you guessed the third Tuesday of the month, you would be correct.

After a lunch on the lawn with a little baguette, turkey, salami, spreads, and olives, we headed to our last stop… drum roll please…. BOWLING!!!!! I know there is nothing grandiose about bowling, but it’s fun and this place was incredibly cool. Montrose Bowl, located where else but Montrose, is a retro bowling alley. We rented the whole place for two hours; they gave us a good deal :). You have to keep your own score, there are no computers, but even that was part of the fun.

All in all, Plan B would have made an excellent Plan A.

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