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Links I Love

April and August are busy seasons around here. There are so many things to do, people to hang with, and conversations to be had, so blogging is not high on the priority list. That being said, I wanted to share some lovely links with you:

Vintage Fabric Garden Markers

A Handbook on Leading Christian Organizations – I think this book would be an interesting read, especially because of who is recommending it.

What is the wasted life? – This is a good reminder.

Bread and Honeyed Brown Butter Spread – Yes, please!

Adorable Items from Anthropologie

Contact Paper Flags and Bunting – Can’t wait for an event to use these at.

April Fools Bumper Sticker for the Manly Man – This made me laugh.

15 New and Forthcoming Books Deserving Your Attention

Photos of Bubbles

Preppy Little Man Baby Shower – So cute!!!!!

Mason Jar Pendant Lights

I’m sure I could post more, but my time is up.

This weekend I am making 500 desserts for a tea party, prepping for a trip to my grandmother’s for her 90th birthday, and dreaming of what to make to eat for bacon fest at our weekly game night. I love that game night has officially become about the food, and the people of course :). I’m pondering pan-de-jamon (Slightly sweet bread with ham, bacon, raisins, and olives wrapped inside. It’s Venezuelan and it is delishhhhhh!), bacon-wrapped dates with an almond inside, bacon-wrapped pineapple, chocolate drizzled bacon, BLT’s, and maple donuts with crumbled bacon on top. Oh the artery-clogging possibilities.


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