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Happy February 1st!
February 1, 2011, 6:56 am
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Hi Y’all! The first month of 2011 flew by. So many good things, so little to blog about, so I’ll give you an eclectic group of links to look at.

Lemon Yellow, Grey and Craft Paper – So lovely! Grey is becoming my new favorite color. I used to not like it with brown, but now I do. My fashion sense is growing under the tutelage of Heidi and Joe, Kellie, and Karrie :).

Apostrophe and S – Here is a post on grammar. The Jr. High teacher in me loves it! The other part of me wonders if he is talking to me :). I know the rule, but I’m sure I don’t always apply the rule :(. This was a good reminder and it was good to think through why grammar rules exist. Most exist to make speech more clear. That should be motivation to follow them.

Valentine Pizza – If you are serving pizza to your honey on Valentine’s Day (note the apostrophe placement), you wont want to miss this.

Unattainable – This thoughtful little piece considers the desire to work for a grade, or praise, or any other attainable result versus working to please God. What are you working towards? Here is a little excerpt:

But I think that the most important thing God wants me to learn in this season of my life, is to get away from the checklist mentality. God doesn’t work by checklists. I could be satisfied with myself in school and as a teacher by those letters and checkmarks, but did I even consider God’s standards? Man looks on the outside, but God looks on the heart. But it’s so easy to look on the outside when evaluating ourselves. But what about my heart?

DIY Rubber Stamps – If you are crafty, give these a try. So cute!

The Most Influential Books For Reformed Evangelicals – Here is a list of influential books from the blog reader’s of TMC’s most recent chapel speaker.

Object of Faith – Great quote shared by Joshua Harris.

The 90 Minute Plan for Personal Effectiveness – Advice I probably need to put into practice.

What’s for Dinner? – Here are some recipes that can be prepared in advance and frozen. Haven’t tried them but I bookmarked it. Maybe you could give them a try and tell me how they are :)?

Does God Get Disappointed in Believers when We Disobey? – David Powlison answers on video.


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I am quickly learning to like gray too! I like it with yellow! The link that you have to that one took me to google reader and I really want to see it.

Thanks for the book list on the reformed reading material. I am ready for another good book! I like how we think alike!

Comment by Cherilyn

Sorry about that. The link should be fixed now.

Comment by teachingtolearn

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