Teaching to Learn and Learning to Teach

Series Finale

Why do good things come to an end? Are you one of those people who hates when shows end or when you read the last book in the series? I am. At the end of the series, it  feels like I’ve lost a group of friends. I’ve experienced two series finales of sorts in the last few days, but am thankfully anticipating the characters to comeback for some replays and reunions.
The first was on Thursday night. Esther, Adrienne, Phil and I went to Father’s Office for burgers and sweet potato fries, to a random Asian grocery store, and to fro yo at Yogurt Land. While Rick wasn’t there because of work. Although this particular itinerary wasn’t a series, I’ve always enjoyed hanging with this group of peeps. That night back at Rick and Esther’s, I found out they were moving sooner than I thought. Since I’m out of town this weekend, they will be gone when I return. That was our last chance to hang in their apartment with them . :(. Is there a way to create an emoticon with a tear? Anyway, here’s to many more reunions in my apartment and in the O.C.
On a side note, their burger were incredible!  They were melt in your mouth delicious! It is comprised of ground beef patty on a French bun, topped with caramelized onions, applewood bacon compote, gruyere, maytag blue cheese and arugula, but that list cannot do it justice. They are so confident that they know good food and you will like what they make that no alterations or substitutions are allowed. What’s on the menu is what you get! The ambiance is not so great, but we still had fun.
The next night was my final hangout in the teacher’s lounge. These are dear friends whom I love. While this will be my last time hanging with just these few people at this event, I’m excited that the next season of life doesn’t mean leaving these friendships. I expect many more events and dinners with these people both in large groups and small. I just won’t be directly reporting to Joe, which means the benefits and the events change.
Now to tell you about where we went! We went here. I had never had Brazillian BBQ before. If was delicious, but somewhat wasted on me. The whole point is the all you can eat meat, which I enjoyed, but my favorite things were the spicy chicken, the cheese rolls, and the empanadas. My all-time -favorite part of the meal was being with these people, so I would have enjoyed Chilis with them almost as much. I said almost :). I love new experiences and good food, but it’s all about the people and very few people that weren’t around last night’s table get to see how much this group of people enjoys being together.
Lastly, with regard to series I love new beginnings and that’s why I can’t wait for The Hobbit to be released in theaters and why I’m excited to start my new job!

Year-End Goodbye Dinner

It’s really the end. Today one of my coworkers drove away to another state to start her new life with her soon-to-be husband. It’s so happy and so sad. I don’t think this season will ever get easier. We did have a lovely Goodbye Dinner together as a part of last weeks festivities. We also celebrated many people’s first years, one coworkers five years on the job (even though he is currently oversees) and my boss’ fifteenth year on the job. We also celebrated his wife’s commitment over that time too. Joe and Heidi are the best. I praise God for their faithfulness in, love for, and commitment to the ministry at the college. Here are a few pics.

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Things that Make Me

Happy :)

"New" Patio Furniture

Chai Tea in a Cup that Says Coffee

These Gigantic Marshmallows I Found at Walmart

The Littlest Kintner

Bacon Night


Sad :(

Graduations AND RESIGNATIONS. This time of year is so sad!

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good: Dinner at Fabiolus Cafe, Hanging with these Girls (Love them!) and Touring Backstage at the Pantages.


The bad: Why did I have to close my eyes on the one shot that didn't show the actual location within The Pantages where this was taken. Oops.


The Ugly: The show was appalling. The only redeeming part was processing it with godly, thoughtful friends on the ride home.




What’s new?

Well, King Hall has become King home, partly because of slight decorative modifications …

(Some work still needs to be done with the placement of the picture and the pot the plant is in.)

… partly because I’ve been eating meals here…

… and partly because I’ve been staying late every evening to work on homework.

See. Here’s me settling in for a night of homework on Monday night. It’s a good thing I put my boots back on before the cleaners came through at midnight. They already think I am crazy to be in the office, but if they saw my mix-matched socks, I think they would report me to the fashion police and the psych ward.

Here’s me making myself at home in my bosses office attempting to get some homework done while the Associated Student Body used our office to prepare for the event that will happen on Friday night. It was fun to get a preview and to hang out with the ASB peeps… and yes, I did get some homework done.


I’ve been knee deep and elbow high in papers. I’ve been lugging books, notes, and computers everywhere. I’m really enjoying the organizing and writing process though. At one point, I had six papers going at once (false guilt, hope, a summary paper of counseling principles, a paper contrasting two counseling methodologies, a paper highlighting 5 regular counseling situations, and a paper on homework in counseling entitled “Homework on Homework”). I have now finished three of those papers. I’m learning a lot and loving it! Maybe I will write more on that when this season is over. I thought I had about 70 more pages to write by Sunday night, but I got an email today notifying me that all of us in the program have an extra 9 days. I’m still chuggaluggin away, though.

The only other thing around here is the burn on my head… maybe my curling iron needs to be confiscated :).

Letters from My Keyboard

Dear Clothes in My Closet,
Have you shrunk or have I grown? I prefer to think it’s you not me.

Dear Cupcake Tree,
Your coconut cupcake is delicious, but it is people like you who have negatively impacted my relationship with my clothes. Thanks a lot!

Dear TMC Theater Arts Peeps,
You rock! The Mouse Trap was amazing as I suspected it would be. Can I get all your autographs? I’m confident they will be worth something some day.

Dear Laura,
So many conversations I have had this week have made me thankful for your continued friendship over the years. How did I luck out to find a friend like you in high school? Oh wait you found me! How could you have missed me when I wore the same dress as you on the second day of school when the boy you liked was coming to school that day? Even with that in our past, you still went shopping with me for my first homecoming dress and my first make up. What a friend! Have I mentioned that I am so glad you met and married Adam instead of any of the boys we went to highschool with :). Little G is glad too, as are his grandparents, aunts, and uncles.

Dear wingmate, friend, boss, and RD formerly known as J-Ro,
I am constantly reminded in my current role of the role you played in my spiritual development. I better know how to love God and love people because of the example you set for me and for the way you spurred me on. I know you wish you would have pushed me a little harder, but you have no idea how impactful my semester as an SDR or my year as an RA with you were. Not only that, but it was riotous fun too! Remember when we dressed up like Indians and pilgrims and sang an invitation to our Canadian Thanksgiving to our brother RAs and RD. Or remember when you tried to heat up a cookie in the microwave and almost burned the dorm down :). I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.

Dear Raqel and Caitlin,
Fro-yo has lost its taste without you. It must have been the company that made it such a treat! I miss you, friends. Come back to me soon or at least come to visit so I can enjoy the sweetness of frozen yogurt again.

Dear Phone in  my Office,
I never know what to expect when I pick you up, but I’m thankful that you’ve given me opportunities to grow in faith and grace and opportunities to extend grace or help to the people on the other end.

Dear Fam,
I love you so much. I find it funny that we grew up showing our affection for one another more in our service to one another than in our words or touch, yet we always end conversations on the phone with “I love you.” I do love you and I love that about our phone calls and I love that people who hear me ending a conversation with you are always led to ask, “Who was that?”

Dear Crest White Strips,
You have matured so much over the last ten years. The last time I hung out with you, you didn’t stick around, you did your own thing, you were a mess, you weren’t very hard-working, and I didn’t feel like investing time and money in our relationship, but now I feel like we can be friends.

Love, Jenn

Wasp:0; Me:1
September 27, 2010, 2:49 pm
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On the evening of September 20, 2010 a vagrant wasp took up residence in my office. I was alarmed by the buzzing critter upon entering my office the next morning. I didn’t recognize it as a wasp until I got close enough to see it’s black and yellow body. From a distance, all I could see was its dangly legs and large wings. You could imagine my alarm as I approached the criminal.

 I reasoned and pleaded with the wasp. I even made it easy for him to leave. He seemed to be attracted to the light in my office, so I turned off the light and opened up the front door to King Hall. “Don’t you want to fly free outside? Why won’t you go home!” His reply was evident as he nestled into the track-lighting groove on the ceiling, clearly saying with no words, “You can’t catch me!” I let him be and went about my business.

I left; he stayed. I returned; he stayed. I worked; he remained nestled in his hiding place. Others cautioned me saying, “If you leave that door open, he might invite some friends to stay,” and “You better do something, or he will build a nest.” I was still hesitant to take on the bugger, after all it is not a good thing to make a wasp mad. I was sure that if I missed on my first try, I would be a gonner and he would take over King Hall. I had one chance; I wasn’t sure I was a sharpshooter; and he was nestled into a secure place for the long hall.

When he decided to come out, buzz around a visitor, and send her running from the building, I decided he had to go. There was going to be a showdown and I WOULD win. He mocked me by going for the door. He hovered just inside the door and then landed above it. I grabbed a stool and a shoe and pounded the scoundrel. I held my shoe firmly to make sure he was a gonner, but when I removed it from the wall, he charged me. Ok…. not really. He fell; dead bugs succumb to gravity. I screamed and hopped.

Even as he lay dead on the floor, I was sure he was playing dead, so I would approach him unaware and he would shoot me. I squished him again and again with my shoe before I approached him with a hand and a tissue. Sure enough he squirmed some more; he still had some life left in him. “I’m no fool, I said, “I know the likes of you.”

… and that’s how the showdown with the wasp at King Hall Corral ended.

The END.