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Spring Break
March 20, 2012, 8:33 pm
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My spring break started a little early. Partly because I had to have my wisdom teeth pulled unexpectedly. Not much to say about that. No swelling. Mild discomfort and pain. Best dentist trip ever. It was over before I even knew it began. I was in, filled out paper work, drugged, had my teeth pulled, cleaned up, awakened, recovered, and was wheeled to a friends car all in an hour and five minutes. It took longer to get my prescriptions and coffee :).

Last week I

  • Went to a 3-man-play of the book of Acts. It was interesting to see how they accomplished the feat. It also gave me a strong desire to know my Bible better. I need to review my NT Archaeology notes :). I loved the allusions to other parts of the Bible. When Peter, Paul, and others spoke their conversations were filled out with their words from other books of the Bible. I did not care for the comic relief of the play. I felt it was a little coarse and unnecessary. The play also made me very thankful that we have the written word of God and not a video or an oral tradition. The Word of God is sure and we can go back to it time and time again and to the actual words not someone’s interpretation or representation. It is timeless and never becomes dated.
  • Went to Downtown Orange for dinner with my dear, friend Esther at Bruxies. Downtown Orange is adorable! It’s fun to walk around. Chapman Universities’ campus is right there. I could hang out there all day. Bruxies is amazing. They make sandwiches with a waffle for the bread. Mine had chicken, an amazing sauce, and slaw. Esther’s had ham, cheese, and egg and we split a creme brulee waffle for dessert. If you are ever in the area, it’s an experience.
  • Spent the night at Laura’s and hung with her and G for the day. We went grocery shopping, made mock Olive Garden dressing, went to lunch. The change of pace and surroundings were sweet and restful to me. It was fun to see how talkative G is too. Everything was “Jenn do it,” whether it was holding a hand, pushing a cart, playing blocks, or going somewhere.

  • Celebrated a friend’s birthday at Claim Jumpers. Enjoyed spending time with my friends/coworkers who I often don’t get opportunities to hang with mid semester when we are all managing our own dorms.
  • I got a pedicure and a manicure. I love pedicures, but they usually stress me out because of the time commitment. It was good for me to do it and just chill out. One of my friends said because they stress me out, it’s probably a sign I need to take the time to do it more.
  • Wednesday I hung out with my old roomies and my friend Tricia. We headed out to the outlets. I love shopping with them. They really should be personal shoppers :).
  • I picked my March Madness picks for a little Student Life v. Admissions friendly competition. The playful trash talking is my favorite, but since we lost the last 3 years, I’m keeping my mouth shut this year :). I’m not doing so great right now. I picked the wrong upsets thus far, so we shall see how I fare as things progress. Have I ever told you how my friend Polly picks her teams.  Click here and here to read about it. It’s hilarious and she usually does really well. March Madness is just that. Madness.
  • I tried to do a 2-day cleanse to get healthy. Living with a bunch of college students tends to lead to some unhealthy habits. Staying up late, eating junk, eating like a college student who has the metabolism of an 18-year-old, so I thought now’s my chance to reset things and turn that around. Nope. Didn’t happen. I felt sick all day but felt much better once I had an Americano and a double double :).
  • I interviewed for church membership. I’m really excited to become a member at my church and was really excited in this interview to see the pastoral heart and care of G-Com. It was also a sweet treat to have to fill out a long app and answer interview questions. It refreshed my soul with the truths of the gospel and reminded me what Christ has done in my heart and life and proclaimed what He will do. I’m not what I was and I’m not what I will be.
  • Babysat for the Kellers one night. Kids were all in bed when they left except for this little angel. It was good to spend a little time with Heidi and Joe too. I’m so thankful for the investment so many couples I have babysat for over the years have made in me, but especially these two.

  • Friday, I finally got around to doing a little homework.
  • Had my sweet friend Raqel over with her whole family who is visiting. I had met her mom before but this time I got to meet her brother and dad. I also got to spend time with her and her boyfriend which is fun because that hasn’t happened much. I’ve seen their relationship grow from across campus. They are both such a joy to be around, so it was fun to just hang and eat.

  • I headed back down to Orange County to hang with some friends. I had pho for the first time, but the waiter wasn’t sure whether it was really pho or not. It was an evening of experiences. The restaurant was behind the 99 cent store which was strange, but it was hoppin’ which usually says good things. My friends tried to teach me to use chopsticks. They had a chopstick war to see what things they could pick up. I was impressed with their mad chopstick skills. The two other experiences of the weekend were macaroons and Trader Joes Almond Horns. both are quite delightful.

  • LAX run to pick up Karrie. Who I have missed.

Really it was the best spring break ever.

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I’m so glad you had a wonderful break, my friend. And it was fun to be a part of it! :)

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