Teaching to Learn and Learning to Teach

It’s Just Me
September 5, 2011, 8:12 am
Filed under: Christian Living, Discipleship, Hospitality, Lessons Learned, My life, work

I started this post on July 14th when I was thinking through RDing. Now I’m in the midst of it, but it is still true and I need the reminder. I don’t need to be a larger than life version of me and have it all together or be super animated or dynamic. I just need to be a Spirit-filled me. It’s not my wisdom or my might necessary to do this job. That would never be enough. I need the power that raised Christ from the dead that is at work in me. I just want to display what’s in this jar of clay, so that they can see the glory of Christ and worship Him. My strengths, sins, and quirks are different than other people’s who have been in this job, which means that being a Spirit-filled, faithful RD will look somewhat different for me than it did for those who came before or even from my coworkers in other dorms. It may look different today than it does tomorrow. I don’t have to have every girl over for dinner this semester, plan the greatest event known to mankind, or disciple every girl in my dorm. I need to be faithful with the opportunities and gifting the Lord has given me. That’s going to mean a lot of baking, a lot of ordinary moments with girls in my apartment, and a lot of living life before people. Here we go!


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I love you and I love your servant’s heart! Isabella is so lucky!

Comment by Belinda

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