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A Glimpse of My Apartment

I failed. Bloggers are supposed to take before and after pictures and pictures of the progress. My move took all my energy and I didn’t even think of taking before, during, and after pictures. I’m still in progress, but I’m also away from home and even if I could get pictures at this point, they would be of little interest. Some people have asked for pictures or descriptions, so here are the two  pics I have from the bedroom.

The cabinet was the big before and after piece. It still needs a little love and attention, but it went from being a two-colored wood piece from the 1970s to a modern, solid wood and craftsmanship awesome piece. I love how it turned out. I needed a color that would match with yellow and green as well as blue and brown since my room will vary between the two. I came up with grey. I looked at oops paint at the hardward stores for a couple weeks, when I spotted this. The paint guy at the store I got it from blabbered on and on about how oops paint is ruined paint. “I ruin it,” he said. “I pour red, blue, and yellow in it to ruin it. People order it and then say they don’t want it so they can get it for cheap. It’s ruined paint.” I said, “I like it. Can I get it?” I think oops paint has character and it’s cheap. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but I love it. I spray painted the original hardware. It used to be bronze. The picture really doesn’t do it justice.

Hopefully there will be more pictures to come as I settle in.


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Ahh this warms my heart Jenn! Good ole Sweazy!

Comment by Jonathan Holmes

LOVE your furniture! :)

Comment by esolstrategies

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