Teaching to Learn and Learning to Teach

This is love …

I’m so thankful for friends who lavish love on me even at their own personal cost. Moving into Sweazy meant leaving my roomies and meant I wouldn’t be in Hotchkiss with a couple students who I know and love. Sweazy is a good fit. My friends know that and are excited for me even though it means I’m not living and working with them.

My roommates (former – still getting used to that) demonstrated their love through speaking of their excitement, giving days of their time to help me settle in, and through a happy RDing basket presented to me on the day of my move.

Funfetti cake mix
Brownie mixes
Chocolate chips
Moose munch with chocolate and salt
Dish towels
An adorable rack which will be used for my aprons in the kitchen
Pizza stone
and more.

Raqel also demonstrated her love through her speech. In addition she showed her support with a purchase of orange items for my new home and the year ahead. Lastly, she treated me to a refreshing evening in L.A. First we went to Forage for dinner. I love love love this place. If I could run a restaurant, this is what it would be like. No menu they just cook fresh food. You see what they have and order. I had delish salad and grubbing Mac and cheese. I like the vintage/rustic/urban cafeteria thing they’ve got going on. We finished our evening at Intelligentsia where I enjoyed a great cup of coffee.

Thanks, Lord, for good friends, lovely things, good food, purposeful and fun conversations, provision of help, and for the encouragement of faithful friends.


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