Teaching to Learn and Learning to Teach

Plan B

What do you do when a monsoon swoops in on the very day you planned a lovely beach day on an island, these islands to be exact? That’s what we were asking ourselves yesterday at 4pm. The beach day was scheduled for today. Plans were needed for 20 people to have a this-is-better-than-my-first-trip-to-Disneyland day in a matter of hours. Yikes! But it was better than being a stick in the mud and not wavering from our originally-a-good-idea- until-the weather-report-came-in plan. Rather than experiencing sea sickness and frost bite, we opted for an old-school L.A. field trip.

Our first stop was Starbucks. Ok, ok, so I know there is nothing old-school-L.A. about Starbucks but on a drizzly, overcast, cold field trip day with a group of people who have been running a marathon all month treating them to a cup of Joe on Joe :) is a good idea.

Next stop: The Arboretum in Arcadia. Part jungle, part peacock haven, and part fun, it is the perfect place for a field trip. Literally. No, really. There were a lot of young school kids there on field trips. Now remember how we only thought of this yesterday afternoon? Well, it just so happens that when we got on the website, we found out that every third Tuesday is free. Tah-dah! Guess what today is? If you guessed the third Tuesday of the month, you would be correct.

After a lunch on the lawn with a little baguette, turkey, salami, spreads, and olives, we headed to our last stop… drum roll please…. BOWLING!!!!! I know there is nothing grandiose about bowling, but it’s fun and this place was incredibly cool. Montrose Bowl, located where else but Montrose, is a retro bowling alley. We rented the whole place for two hours; they gave us a good deal :). You have to keep your own score, there are no computers, but even that was part of the fun.

All in all, Plan B would have made an excellent Plan A.

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