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Status Updates from the Midwest

I’ve been absent from the blog, but present in rural America. I spent the last 5 days or so in Iowa for my sweet grandmother’s 90th birthday. I got to see so many family members, all of whom with the exception of my brother and mom I had not seen in four years. I love them all dearly and am so thankful for the laughter and love that is a part of our relationships.

The closest I am going to get to blogging for a while is republishing my status updates from farm country. There are many more things I love about Iowa, but here is what facebook would have to tell you about my trip (with a few added pictures). Reasons I love Iowa:

  1. Stranded at the airport because everything was closed by the time we arrived but the custodian is making sure we are ok and asking if we are thirsty.
  2.  Stayed in a hotel we didn’t plan on and ran into my mom’s cousin at the continental breakfast.
  3. The general manager at the hotel offered to give us a ride to the airport to save us $15 on the shuttle.
  4.  Every rental car comes equipped with an ice scraper.
  5. Culver’s. Need I say more?
  6. Unhurried Conversations
  7.  My amazing, faithful, beautiful 90-year-old grandmother.
  8. Playing the game In A Pickle with cousins.
  9. They say pop not soda.
  10. Cream-filled donuts that you can’t find in Cali.
  11.  Reminders and memories of Grandpa Wilhite everywhere.
  12.  Water Towers in Each Town
  13. Maximum and Minimum Speed Limits on the Highways
  14. Avis Rental Car uses the honor system. What did the odometer read? Did you fill the tank? Yes? Ok.
  15.  The residents seem to be less concerned about the cars they drive and the clothes they wear. Everything is normal, economical, and not flashy.
  16. Coat Racks in Restaurants
  17. Meeting More of the Next Generation
  18. My cousin Brian with all his energy, laughter, rhyming skills and all the joy he brings. (#17 used twice on facebook. Apparently I can’t count, but the automatic numbering on WordPress won’t let me repeat my mistake.)
  19. Ted and Joan Peak who would be on SLS at my grandma’s retirement home if they had such a thing. They are precious servants of the Lord and love the people around them.
  20. My Mom’s Aunts and Uncles

  21. The Wilhite wave goodbye even at 6:30am.

That’s all from facebook. I hope to report to you soon about some of my conversations with people who are older and wiser than me.


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