Teaching to Learn and Learning to Teach

Spring Break

Are YOU stillll here? I recognize that I’ve been extremely neglectful of this blog. Things that have been posted on purpose or by accident (Did anyone notice my random Easter post? – oops!), were all scheduled or written long ago. So here is a little update of what I have been up to recently.

  • Throwing Resolutions Out the Window – Not completely, but I have been enjoying a bit more purchased caffeine than usual over spring break. The mantra in our house has been, “It’s spring break; calories don’t count.” I applied that to Starbucks :).
  • Reading, Lots of Reading!
  • This week I found out that my precious little niece or nephew (expected in September) has fingerprints. Isn’t that precious?
  • Participating in the madness for the first time ever and not doing too badly. Student Life has a competition with Admissions. I’ve always been a part of the trash talking, but this year it’s even more fun since I turned in a bracket.
  • Forgetting to wear green for St. Patrick’s Day. I’m so glad I’m no longer in grade school. I didn’t get pinched once.
  • It’s spring break. You gotta love it! I may still have to work, but I’m going to play too, because everyone else has spring break :). So this is what I’ve done:

Friday night – Let the hanging out begin. Girl’s night at Sophie’s. Ate homemade Chinese Chicken Salad and watched The Yong Victoria. If you haven’t seen it, you should watch it. It’s a beautiful film.

Saturday morning – Bridal Shower for my dear friend Caitlin. I dearly miss having her as a coworker, but I am super excited for her and Nick. So much so that I almost spelled super, sooper. What?

Sunday morning – Church. Went over one of our core values – Spiritual Maturity. We are all in process and it’s a longer process than many of us anticipate. Understanding this, makes you run the marathon instead of a sprint and it also helps you to show grace towards others recognizing God is at work in them.

Sunday afternoon – spontaneous lunch with one coworker, one alum, and three students at a local Italian Deli. Intense but beneficial and encouraging conversation. Two really helpful things to think about were the fact that knowledge and truth are good, but can easily become harmful or fruitless because of pride. When that happens, God is dishonored and people are put off from truth by the proud person. Another thought-provoking idea was to ask what are we doing well enough in our ministries that Satan would want to attack it? What areas aren’t even be on Satan’s radar because we don’t excel in them or they aren’t a threat to him? Would our prayer lives provoke an attack by the enemy?

Sunday evening – Life group (a.k.a. Home Bible Study). I love hanging with these church peeps. We cooked breakfast for dinner and then talked about what it means to be a gospel-centered church.

Monday – Trip to the beach with Karrie and a lovely linner at Urth Cafe in Santa Monica. Best cup of coffee ever. You can choose between bold and mild espresso. Guess which I chose?

Monday evening – back in the office, but took a side tour to Jamba with Jess to hang out and chat for a while. Love her!

Tuesday lunch – Thai food in a local Newhall joint for Sophie’s birthday! What birthday celebration would be complete without Thai iced tea and sticky rice with mangos? Mmmmm.

Wednesday evening – watched Idiot Abroad at the Keller’s and had wonderful waffletts, fresh fruit salad, and delish desserts. More on some of these foods soon. You are going to love them.

Thursday evening – Saw Disney’s Beauty and the Beast at The Pantages and ate at a fab, new, trendy restaurant just around the corner called Cleo’s.

Tonight– My brother and Dad will be coming over! Watching NCIS filmed on my street :). My whole household are big fans, so it was fun to get a knock on the door letting us know they would be filming there.

Saturday afternoon – Garrett’s First Birthday Party and Hanging with the DeClerqcs and Bostwicks.

Saturday evening – Hanging at the Americana with a Sweet Friend and Her Mom Who is in Town

Sunday – Hanging with my Dad and Brother, Jeremy

That about sums up this girl’s activities for the week. What are you doing this weekend?


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