Teaching to Learn and Learning to Teach

March 15, 2011, 6:36 pm
Filed under: My life

These are resolutions I contemplated for the new year: one food excursion a month; one hiking event every two months or so; 10 minutes of Hebrew a day; memorize 3 verses a week; go skydiving; make a skirt; learn to change oil and  a tire on my car; eat at: Scoops, Father’s Office, McCormick and Schmidt, Loves Sushi, Sprinkles; perfect canning fruit; go on a walking tour of LA; read 1984; figure out if I know how to ride a bike; sell 1 Things on Ebay.

Then I realized it was better to do something that was sustainable and attainable, so here are my two resolutions:

1. In the week following the sermon, memorize the passage from Luke my pastor preaches on. This worked really well in January, then February was random speakers on missions, and March is now going over the churches missions statement. Maybe I will start working backwards in Luke, since I only picked this up in chapter 10 :).

2. Only buy Starbucks once a week.

So far, I’ve really enjoyed both.


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