Teaching to Learn and Learning to Teach

Perfectionism, Guilt, and Social Settings

Enter friend #3 who was faithful to speak into my life. While chatting with a coworker/friend one day about how I thought I was antisocial, she said,

“Jenn, why do you feel like you don’t do well in social gatherings? How come you think you aren’t social?”

“I don’t know how to end conversations and I can’t talk to everyone in the room.”

“Do you have to talk to everyone in the room? Sometimes is it good to continue that conversation with that one person? I think you set up rules and standards for yourself.”

She was right. I did set up laws for myself. When I sets up rules, standards, and laws for myself and I failed, my law had been violated and now someone needed to pay or there needed to be some atonement. That left me with two options: punishment or run.


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