Teaching to Learn and Learning to Teach


It’s been a while and it will be a while longer before I’m back. There are seasons of life at the college where my family gets concerned and wants confirmation I’m alive. Usually, that occurs during WOW, but this seems to be one of those seasons right now too. So, to fend off the proof-of-life phone calls and emails, here are a few pics that prove that I was alive last Saturday:



These don’t prove I’m alive, but they are so stinking cute, that I had to share. I met up with one of my BFFs and her little munchkin for lunch outside the park. She’s an amazing mom and it is so fun to see her in this role. I love spending time with her. She’s always an encouragement and is full of wisdom. Even though we’ve both changed A LOT, we still enjoy many of the same things, and we appreciate one another’s differences. Love you, LBD!

… this one’s just for cuteness too.

Some tips for Disney:

Go on a day where rain is predicted, but it doesn’t rain. You will walk onto rides even Indiana Jones and Space Mountain.

Hang out with lots of people.

Yell “Hey!!!” every time you pass someone from TMC.

Wear a white coat, so you glow on a number of the rides.

Buy a bottomless cup of coffee on Main Street. Return with your receipt all day long for warm goodness!

Enjoy having a job where you get to do this and give thanks for good friends and good conversations.


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You are adorable. Love the pics. Yes, I was ready for some confirmation!

Comment by Cherilyn

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