Teaching to Learn and Learning to Teach

Lessons in Leadership from TLC, Part 4: Q&A
January 25, 2011, 7:49 am
Filed under: Christian Living, Good Advice, Lessons Learned, tmc

What is the greatest challenge in cultivating biblical leadership?
Sin. Sanctification still in progress. Pride.
Hyperactivity. Live at warp speed. Can be disastrous spiritually. Have to fight the high-tech world that comes at us in every way. We live with it but we need to control it. Develop quietness. World is so noisy. So many voices coming at you. Noise and business can force God out. The new idolatry. You don’t have time. You have to spend time in the Scriptures to know Him. Turn the TV and the phone off. Read, meditate, study God’s Word. That is the only way you will grow, be sanctified, and be prepared for leadership.
Great challenge in ministry of Exercising patience. Can’t force people to change. It is a process. You see that with Jesus and the disciples. The disciples were stupid and flat-out ridiculous not just slow. jesus the best teacher possible and they still resisted. It still took time for them to grow and mature.

What opportunities do young women have to develop biblical leadership?
Always a woman younger than you. May take every possible opportunity give glory to God and testimony of the gospel.
Through prayers, service. Don’t despise what is being done in the background. The spiritually minded church will have spiritually minded women serving. Be busy for Christ giving yourself to good works.

How do you cultivate leadership in your ministries?
Have an eye for people. Look for people with character and stability and teach them. Find out the areas they are weak and build them up. Could be 5-10 years down the road before they are ready to lead. Develop each person according to their needs. Throw challenges out in front of them. It is a stewardship of people.

What is the difference between being patient and compromising?
Compromising is wavering in the truth. That is not permissible. Patience is exercising compassion toward the people who are trying to grasp the truth. The truth is not negotiable; time for the people to understand the truth is negotiable.


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