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Lessons in Leadership from TLC, Part 2: Alexander Strauch
January 24, 2011, 7:45 am
Filed under: Christian Living, Lessons Learned
  • Practice daily not using exaggerated inflammatory rhetoric. Be very careful how you speak to a brother or a sister. You are to be a minister of grace. Speak words of truth, edification, grace, and wholesome words.
  • Be careful of criticism. There is no gift of fault finding. If you have the “gift of criticism” keep it to yourself.
  • The remedy to selfishness and pride is Christ’s example (Phil. 2). How can we be proud when he was so humble? Everyone in church needs to tune their attitude to Christ’s.
  • Cultures are fallen like people are fallen. We are counter-cultural. We practice Jesus’ teachings even when the culture speaks against it.
  • The church is a brotherhood. The primary relationship in the church is not leaders and followers but of brothers. We are one glorious eternal family with Christ as the head.
  • There is hardly anything that impacts people under your leadership like having them into your home. This gives them a totally different view of you. You share your most precious possessions by having people into your homes. Share resources, family, time. You share your very lives.

You can listen to his sermons in a few weeks when they are posted at www.masters.edu/pulpit.


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