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Babysitting 101
January 15, 2011, 12:33 pm
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I forget that these two things look so similar and that one is not to be confused with the other one.

Although I haven’t confused them in years :), I forgot to keep an eye on this little guy while helping his brother create a lightsaber with a wrapping-paper roll, duct tape, and glow sticks.


When I looked up, he was doing a fabulous and thorough job of putting the glue on his lips. BABYSITTING FAIL!

We had a lot of fun, although the kiddos thought it should be more fun. I heard a lot of “Awwwww man!!!” “No fun!!!” and they heard: “No.” “We aren’t going to do that.” “How about we don’t do that and we do …?” “I don’t think your parents would be ok with that so we aren’t going to have a pillow fight in the front room or eat two bags of popcorn with melted chocolate on it… or…”

What I told the parents when they got home: “I don’t think I should be entrusted with children.”

What they said to me: “Are they alive? Yes? Then everything’s fine.”

I was relieved to see the next day that their kids still love me, despite glue mishaps, tearful questions like, “Will you ever forgive me? or statements like, “I’m always a bad boy!”, broken-lightsaber meltdowns, and quite a few No’s. They were on campus the next day and the youngest yelled across the parking lot with great enthusiasm, “Hi, Jenn!”


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