Teaching to Learn and Learning to Teach

Unsolicited Suggestions

Here in Student Life we are interested in holistic discipleship. We want not only to have spiritual conversations but we are interested in living life together and helping people live every area of life to the glory of God, which is why my boss  suggested today that I start a hair journal. Yes, you did read that correctly.

He and I are constantly having the following conversation [Warning: I took some creative license with the dialogue and combined many similar conversations over the last two years into one :) ]:

Him: Your hair looks nice today.

Me: Thanks.

Him: What did we do differently?

Me: Nothing. My hair has a mind of its own.

Him: You didn’t get it cut, style it differently, straighten it…?

Me: Nope (with a shake of the head)

…So today, to be helpful, he suggested I start a hair journal. I don’t think he was serious, but he kind of was :).

I love the quirkiness of our office more than I love chocolate-covered potatoe chips, fist pumps and leg kicks, chocolate drizzled bacon, more than apple pie with cheese, the miklat (read bomb-shelter student lounge) at IBEX, the Christian Hip Hop 101 CD I got for Christmas, and even the smell of coffee in the morning … and that’s saying A LOT.

What quirky things do you love?


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What quirky things do I love? I love the silly, not funny to hardly anyone else things! They crack me up! Like a student imitating Elvis… she’s quirky and a crack up… until she called me a dirty ole coward. But much of the time, she’s a crack up!

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