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Christmas Break Unplugged

Top of the morning to Y’all! I’ve been taking it easy. Not a whole lot of blogging, email, voice mails, etc. I’ve never taken such a long break from work and I expect the chillaxin to continue as I head out to see these folks:

Kellie, my fabulous roommate for my senior year of college. Reasons we will be pals forever: She loves coffee as much as I do; Her creativity; Her continued friendship and care for me; She’s a fabulous teacher and was a wonderful friend who unsolicited my first year of teaching visited my classroom and gave me feedback – “Keep doing this” or “What about trying this?”; She’s one of the handful of people that regularly laugh with me and at me :); She was my co-conspirator for a wing event to see an amazing once-in-a-lifetime asteroid that had actually been a once-in-a-lifetime event a year earlier; She made a chain counting down the days until I returned from Israel my first semester over there; She attended cowboy church with me my first and last time in attendance and then of course there is always The Prayer of the Polar Bear; I’m so thankful for the laughter, the good advice, and for just being able to share life with one another over the last 7 years. Wow! We are getting old!

Next Stop: Texas to see these sweet peeps and the rest of their family, including their tiny baby brother who I have yet to meet. I’m also super excited to see Becky Bange, a dear friend, colleague, and mentor from my time in Israel. I can’t  believe it has been 4 years since I’ve seen her. I’ve learned so much about life, ministry, the Bible, and myself from this family.

Now, back to my time with my family at Christmas.

It never ceases to amaze me how the little things with kids and family always entertain. An empty box or even an adult leg become play things.

Pillows and silly faces also prove to be just as entertaining as a ride on a foot.

Mom thought it was hilarious that her gift came in a ketchup box since she LOVES ketchup so!

Dad was thrilled with his imitation Burkenstocks. His ideal Christmas present: a Costco-size pack of reading glasses, underwear, Burkenstocks, and dark socks to wear with his sandals.

Belinda put her gift to use right away – punching bag and boxing gloves.

For the first time in years, we decided to do stocking stuffers again but it turned out to be more of stocking overflow than stuffers. We just set a stocking on everyone’s pile. My favorite stocking stuffers to give this year were natural body products from Lush, reusable envirosax bags, jars of granola and Jamba Juice cards for the kiddos. They don’t usually get to pick their own drink so it is a special treat for them. Do you have any fun stocking stuffer go-tos?

The last thing on the agenda for the Kintner Klan Christmas was hot drinks, dessert, and watching Despicable Me. My skepticism for this film turned to love. Don’t knock it until you watch it.

Christmas day was comprised of breakfast, Starbucks run, my dad’s car continually saying he had to wait three minutes to start and Jer and I counting down the minutes, feeding the donkeys across the street from my parents house, playing lots of cribbage with my mom and Jer, cooking, heading to Christmas dinner with the Ramirez Allen Clan, a white elephant gift exchange that was lots of fun, and staying up until the wee hours of the morning with our large extended family playing games and chatting.

Well… That’s all folks. There wasn’t anything spectacular, but there’s something splendid about family, holiday traditions or stumbling through making those traditions.



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A few things…
I loved Despicable Me!
I’m glad you mentioned the Burkenstocks and dark socks for your dad… if you didn’t, I would have.
I miss your mom and we have something else in common, I love ketchup too! Now what was in the box?
Love the updates and your fam traditions seem so fun.
Excuse my incomplete sentences and hope I get to see you this summer.
I’m going to TX for spring break (DRIVING! so I hope the roads are good), and the Philippines in June. You should come to the Philippines with us. That would be awesome.

Comment by Cherilyn

Haha! The burkenstocks with socks is a Northwest Thing :). I’m guessing Uncle Steve does it too. My mom actually dislikes ketchup because they lived by a ketchup factory when she was pregnant with Jeremy. She got some books, some fur lined crocks, and the movie The Young Victoria which is excellent by the way.
Wish I could go to the Philippines with you in June, but I don’t think that is going to happen. Maybe in the future I will have a job where I have the summers off :).
Sorry I am in Texas when you wanted to come visit. We will find a time! Christmas break usually is a good time, you would just need to come between Christmas and New Years.
Thanks for revamping your blog and Happy New Year in response to your text. Love ya!

Comment by teachingtolearn

OH! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE those boots. I got some black ones and really want some brown ones…

Comment by Cherilyn

I’m going to TX for spring break:). What part of TX do you go to?

Comment by Cherilyn

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