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Tis the Season

I’ve started Christmas shopping. Have you? That along with  a post on this blog got me thinking about the best kinds of gifts.

What is the most loved gift you have ever received?

I’m going to tailor this question to my answer instead of really answering. I’ve received so many great gifts in my life that it wouldn’t be easy to answer. I will tell you that my favorite gifts are gifts that  I never knew I needed or wanted that when I got I wonder how I ever did without it. Jason, Bel, and Laura are extremely good at this. Another category of my most-loved gifts is the thoughtful, heart-warming gifts. These are gifts like a survival pack for Israel…a sleeping bag and duffel to use on trips to visit a friend who is moving, etc… Kellie Z. and once again Bel and Laura are GREAT at this. Lastly, I love the gifts that are useful, practical, and sometimes given out of season (not during your birthday month or December). My MOM and family are fantastic with this.

What is the most useful gift you have ever received?
Sleeping bag and duffel

What is the most loved gift you were given?
I really love my word travel’s map that says “The World Travels of Jennifer ‘Nacho’ Kintner.” It was given to me by my brother Jeremy and my parents.

What is your favorite home item that you purchased or found for yourself?
Hands down my Pottery Barn desk. I also like my bird salt and pepper shakers, my “Good times” sign, and my pedestal bowl with artificial lemons.

What is your favorite little treat especially for guests?
Venezuelan food, Thai cuzine, pizza, and any home-baked goods.

What dishware do you use on a daily basis?
My roommates’ dishes and my $1 cute bowls from Home Goods!


Do you have any great gift-finds you are giving this Christmas? If so, please share.


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