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Thankful to Go; Thankful to Return

I’m still recovering from the holiday weekend, I’m enjoying catching up at work and with friends here, but I already need to start preparing for another short visit home this weekend.

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I’m thankful to be torn between Nor Cal and So Cal. It just shows how many loved-ones God has given me. Tension can be a good thing. It’s good to be home after my time away for Thanksgiving. It was great to roll into the office and catch up with everyone. Five days felt like a LONG time to not see them. I want to enjoy both worlds without saying goodbyes or being separated. I’m excited to be heading up north again so soon.

Here are just a few things I was thankful for on my trip:

J&B’s House. I sleep so well and I am able to relax there like nowhere else.

Laughter. Lots of laughter.

My silly niece and nephews. Who make me laugh and play.

Teasing. Where there are older brothers, there is teasing, but the same could be said of younger sisters :). We teased my brother because he told me when I’m interested in a guy, I should twirl my hair around my finger. He also said it would  be easier for me to do if my hair were “the proper length, to the middle of my back.” We all thought that was hilarious.

Nick names. My nephew and I both got two nicknames. His are Echo and Instant Replay. Mine came from wearing my college dorm sweatshirt. I lived in Sweazy Dormitory. Pronounced Swayzee. Everyone else read it as sleazy or sweaty. I’m not very fond of those nicknames :), but nicknames in general are just very loving.

Difficult conversations. They revealed my pride and my sin. They also revealed God’s grace. Many of them went better than they would have two years ago.

Growing families and Traditions. Bel’s family and our family adopted each other when she and J married. I’m so glad we did. We spent Saturday belaying for her nieces’ rock climbing party and had a blast. We just love them. Some comments from my niece and nephews that showed that we have officially adopted the Ramirez/Allen gang were:

KT to RM (whose Grandmother, Aunt, Uncle, and cousin live at the house we were at) “Will you come visit me again here soon?”

DW when telling a story about Thanksgiving, “…and then we went to my Allens.”

Jr. about one of Bel’s nieces that wasn’t there, “Where’s Hannah?”

Good food. Butterhorns.  I will post the recipe because they are just soooooo good. Sticky buns (My mom and grandma’s are the best.) Ramirez turkey with rice stuffing and Ramirez potato salad.

Chillaxin with my mom. We watched While You Were Sleeping together. I love watching that movie every year about this time, but I especially loved the fact that it was with my mom and that she relaxed enough to watch the entire thing with me.

Divys with my dad and bro. We love to go to the local watering hole (a.k.a. Starbucks) and enjoy a cup of joe together.

A sister-in-law who loves us so much that she is the queen of excuses for us not to leave. “There’s snow on the grapevine.” “You need to eat before you go.” “If you leave now you’ll sit in traffic.” “It’s late. You should get a good night’s sleep and leave in the morning.” “See you next weekend?”

Hospitality. Mom’s, B & J’s, and Cynthia and John’s.


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I feel privaleged to have had a divy with your dad a few times. He’s a good guy to talk to! It sounds like you had a sweet Thanksgiving! Why do you have to go up again next weekend? Round 2 or Pre-Christmas? :)

Comment by Cherilyn

Jer’s birthday and we wanted a reason to be together again :). Cherilyn, you need to update your blog. Pretty please.

Comment by teachingtolearn

[…] Here’s the recipe as promised. These are sooo good. If you like bread, you will love these. The Kintner Fam can’t have a holiday without them. […]

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