Teaching to Learn and Learning to Teach

Scripture Saturated Speech

This is a post I published on a joint blog I participated in with friends four years ago. It is unbelievable to think about my time in IBEX as being four years ago. It is also unbelievable that while I was thinking about this four years ago, I have a long way to go in applying it.

Psalm 37:30-31 The mouth of the righteous utters wisdom, and his tongue speaks justice. The Law of God is in his heart; his steps do not slip.

I’ve been thinking on how I want more Scripture to flow out of my mouth. I see this in one of the ladies I work with. She is righteous and she knows the Word of God and when she speaks she utters wisdom and gives hope. I also see that God has done this in her life through her discipline in study and memorization and her love for Him. Every year before the new year she sits down and thinks on what she wants to study or learn that year. She then formulates a reading plan for the year according to that and she sticks to it. She also memorizes Scripture every day as she walks.
I’ve also been thinking about this as students have come to me for counsel. I think I should listen and then wait and get back to them because what they need is God’s counsel and wisdom not mine and then I speak anyway because I desire to please them and have them leave my presence feeling good. What are my words though? Is that what they need? No. I hope though to get to the point where I know the Word of God better so that I can speak to them in that instance with wisdom because the law of God is on my heart.


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