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Frugality: Virtue or Vice
October 6, 2010, 8:00 am
Filed under: Christian Living, Cool Finds, Counseling, Lessons Learned, Life

Where I work, we tend to talk a lot about the heart. Tim Challies recently had an excellent blog post on Frugality and the heart. In the following paragraph, he reveals how frugality can be just as much of a heart issue as overspending:

The first thing I want to point to is the heart. There are few more accurate barometers for our hearts than money. Whether you are spending too much or pinching every penny so hard that it bleeds, your actions and attitudes reflect something in your heart. If you spend more than you have, perhaps you are reflecting greed or a bravado that rejects the fact that God expects us to be in control of our spending. If you pinch every penny, perhaps it shows that you live in fear or that you somehow think God will provide only through what may be excessive control.

He sums it up saying, “The fact is, there is no guarantee that a frugal person is less addicted to money and less under the control of money than a person who spends all he has (and more).”

I highly recommend reading his entire post – The Heart of Frugality.


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