Teaching to Learn and Learning to Teach

Q & A

Q & A Sessions are always one of the best parts of the conference if you have good speakers and a good moderator. We had both at the 2010 Truth and Life conference, so I thought I would share some highlights even though it is months later.

How do we have fellowship and unity with fellow believers who differ theologically with us? Here are some answers from Mark Dever, Ligon Duncan, and Philip DeCourcy.

“We don’t ignore our differences, we debate them, but given what we are unified in our shared commitments and convictions, it would be wrong for us not to find ways to work together.”

I thought it was very cool that one conference speaker could say of the other speaker, “He knows my arguments for my position on the areas we differ, as well as I do.”

“We have unity,  but not because of setting theology aside to be focused on a mission ( when people do this they are either slipping their position under the door without checking it or setting aside truth).”

“These men  may think some of the beliefs I hold are heretical, but they are more my brothers than someone who agrees with me on everything, but doesn’t know why they believe what they believe. The first believes in the supremacy of the Scriptures, the second is just a liberal.”

I can’t wait for TLC 2011.


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