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Wasp:0; Me:1
September 27, 2010, 2:49 pm
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On the evening of September 20, 2010 a vagrant wasp took up residence in my office. I was alarmed by the buzzing critter upon entering my office the next morning. I didn’t recognize it as a wasp until I got close enough to see it’s black and yellow body. From a distance, all I could see was its dangly legs and large wings. You could imagine my alarm as I approached the criminal.

 I reasoned and pleaded with the wasp. I even made it easy for him to leave. He seemed to be attracted to the light in my office, so I turned off the light and opened up the front door to King Hall. “Don’t you want to fly free outside? Why won’t you go home!” His reply was evident as he nestled into the track-lighting groove on the ceiling, clearly saying with no words, “You can’t catch me!” I let him be and went about my business.

I left; he stayed. I returned; he stayed. I worked; he remained nestled in his hiding place. Others cautioned me saying, “If you leave that door open, he might invite some friends to stay,” and “You better do something, or he will build a nest.” I was still hesitant to take on the bugger, after all it is not a good thing to make a wasp mad. I was sure that if I missed on my first try, I would be a gonner and he would take over King Hall. I had one chance; I wasn’t sure I was a sharpshooter; and he was nestled into a secure place for the long hall.

When he decided to come out, buzz around a visitor, and send her running from the building, I decided he had to go. There was going to be a showdown and I WOULD win. He mocked me by going for the door. He hovered just inside the door and then landed above it. I grabbed a stool and a shoe and pounded the scoundrel. I held my shoe firmly to make sure he was a gonner, but when I removed it from the wall, he charged me. Ok…. not really. He fell; dead bugs succumb to gravity. I screamed and hopped.

Even as he lay dead on the floor, I was sure he was playing dead, so I would approach him unaware and he would shoot me. I squished him again and again with my shoe before I approached him with a hand and a tissue. Sure enough he squirmed some more; he still had some life left in him. “I’m no fool, I said, “I know the likes of you.”

… and that’s how the showdown with the wasp at King Hall Corral ended.

The END.


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Love it! Your blog is sounding like mine :)

Comment by Cherilyn

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