Teaching to Learn and Learning to Teach


Yep, the weekend after WOW, we “decided” to move. WOW is an accurate word for our move for so many reasons. God’s faithfulness and unbelievable care was so evident.

 First, the realtor had never seen a house recorded late on a Friday afternoon. One of my housemates had an opportunity to explain to her that  it was God. Kel’s trust and faith through the whole process in the midst of everything not going according to “plan,” was such a testimony. Since the house recorded, we were able to get in, clean it out, and move in. We were on a tight schedule so as to not pay twice the rent and so the people moving into our old house wouldn’t have to spend a few nights on the street with all their belongings.  It was a messy, tricky process, and I am glad it is over, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. As we often say in Student Life, “It was hard but good.”

I found out on Saturday afternoon at 3p.m. that we were moving the following day. WOW (Week of Welcome at the college) had just ended and I had NOTHING packed. My response was not one of trust and faith and yet God remained faithful. I’m so glad he doesn’t respond in kind or according to what we deserve.

Sunday afternoon we had around 50 people show up to our house with around ten trucks or SUVs. The corner of our house was littered with truck beds pulled up to the curve. Everywhere I turned I saw faces I didn’t recognize packing, moving, transporting, and cleaning our belongings and property. There were at least 7 brand-spanking-new students to the college that showed up. Many of the people didn’t know anyone that lived in our house, but showed up to help us move. One of our friends started inviting people at lunch that day. He then stood up in the caf and announce that 4 sisters were moving and needed help. He asked people to come help and bring their trucks and to meet at Smith Dorm at 2:00p.m. The masses showed up.  Other people I had asked to help, showed up with recruits also.

There we were, the Sunday after WOW with SLSers and staff members and WOWees who had been working and playing HARD for one to four weeks and who still came to serve. It was neat to see the Deans and RDs serving alongside the freshmen. Apart from Christ people showing up and everyone working together just doesn’t make sense.

 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” – John 13:34-35

Our neighbors noticed too. One neighbor came up to our friend Tricia and asked what was going on. She said, “What church do you go to? I have never seen anything like this.” While talking to neighbors at our new  house the afternoon of the move, they asked, “What do you mean you moved in? We were only gone a few hours.”

We could not have done it without all the help. Kellie’s parents have been here all week. We’ve been at work all day every day and it is such a blessing to come home and see things more settled than when we left in the morning. My brother came and faithfully served and helped all day on Sunday and on Monday night.  He had never seen anything like our move either. He enjoyed getting to know people from the college and they want to hang out with him in the future. To say that warms my heart and encourages me, would be an understatement. It’s always nice when people you love meet other people you love and they like each other.

God provided right down to a wooden crate left at the old house that was just big enough to store all the broken concrete in the bed of Jeremy’s truck, so that we could better use the truck bed. God’s faithfulness and loving care baffles my mind and leads me to say, “WOW!” There were so many other little stories and provisions just like this one.

Psalm 106:1-2

 Praise the LORD.
       Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good;
       his love endures forever.

 Who can proclaim the mighty acts of the LORD
       or fully declare his praise?


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