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In a sweet, epic moment, SWEAZY beat out every other team in The Master’s Cup. Every year at TMC the Servant Leadership Staff and the new students compete in an all out battle of the dorms relay. Some of the main events include one student on another student’s shoulders feeding the student below an overripe banana, two people carrying a volleyball with no hands, putting together a fifteen person pyramid long enough for the person on the top to sing the ABC’s, and the make-it-or-break-it $3.43 dive among other events. In the $3.43 dive, each team can have one participant in the pool at a time. Each person gets one dive to gather all the change they can from the bottom of the pool. Then the next diver gets the baton, which is a t-shirt any person competing at the moment has to wear, and goes in. When the team has exactly $3.43 the team turns it into the bank. If they miscounted, everything gets dumped back into the pool and they start the process again. This year I watched at the pool as my beloved dorm made it out of the pool area first. I made my way down to the gym to watch them come in first. It was a very historic moment, because usually the guys all come in to the gym in competition for the men’s cup and then all the women file in sometime after. Sweazy didn’t let that happen last year or this year, and this year they beat every single guys team too. I’m proud of my little champions and their fearless RD. Their pyramid formed in three seconds. The girl on top literally ran up the side of the pyramid like stairs, landed on top, sang the ABCs, flew off the front and ran to the winning pin.

Here are some pics from the event:


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