Teaching to Learn and Learning to Teach

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

… no not Christmas time. It’s back to school season. My jobs always seem to make more sense when students return. I never liked their departure in IBEX, at BCA, and every break at TMC seems to drag on. Summer seems to move like a turtle even though the office is racing like a cheeta and then August hits and the students swarm back to campus in packs.

August is the season that my family always calls me wondering if I’m dead. I keep telling them year after year that TMC would tell them if something happened to me, but they still keep checking in. You have to love protective older brothers and parents. What can I say –  I’m the baby girl.

As long as I’ve been affiliated with TMC as a new student, an SLS Member, an IBEX volunteer, and a Staffer, August has been busy.

This year, the month began with Staff Kick-off and RD Retreat. Staff kick-off was amazing. I am so encouraged with the staff God has brought. They are involved, inquisitive, friendly, they initiate, they want to be together, and they are excited to be a part of this ministry.

The next week is RA Retreat. I loved being an RA during this week. Going to a water park and talking to/meeting my fellow RAs in my bathing suit, RA Scenarios, and Team Building activities at a camp were not my idea of a good time, but they were good for me and I have had a lot of laughs about them since. I wasn’t able to get to know the RAs this retreat, but I hope to get to know them better soon. I remembered the point of my administration, though, as I reflect on how God used this week in my life as an RA for my good and His glory.

The following week was SLS Retreat. I just returned from a week in Palm Dessert at the Hyatt Grand Champion. I love this place. It’s so full of memories, lessons learned and friendships formed. It also has great pools (that I experienced for the first time this year thanks to Tricia) and an awesome spa. This year at retreat we focused on discipleship. I hope to post more on that later. One thing that I heard and experienced at SLS retreat is the idea that we are both a disciple of Christ and becoming a disciple of Christ. We already follow Him, but we do so imperfectly and we are still growing in looking more like Him. It was neat to think about this at retreat. My interactions and involvement at retreat look so different than they did six years ago, five years ago, or even than last year at retreat. I see my circumstances, others, and God so differently than I did. At the same time, I have seen lately how selfish I am and I spent the last two weeks responding sinfully to trials that came my way. I did not believe my temptation was common, that there was a way out, or that God had my good and His glory in mind in the trial. I am not what I was, but I am not who I will be. Praise God for that! I am both a disciple of Christ and becoming a disciple of Christ.

SLS Retreat involves great teaching and worship times, but it also involves skit night, dorm cheers, and games. I didn’t take many pictures on retreat, but here are a few:

Amber with her girls sporting their home-made ponies. Love the ponies and her. Zion told us this week we are twinsies. Thanks for the compliment, Z.

Lisa Sporting her Western Wear

Two of My Favorite Peeps

Pete had a large air powered gun that shoots tennis balls made for SLS Retreat game time. Make sure you put on protective wear (especially you guys).

The bandits had to make it to six separate stations spread out across the ball room to the bank, steal the loot, and make it back to all six stations in the proper order without getting shot by the sheriff. They also had ammunition of sorts and could kill the sheriff but that was mighty hard to do. Only Hotchkiss Men and Pete succeeded.

Another Sheriff in Hyatt Town

Tomorrow starts WOW – Week of Welcome. It is indeed a full week of orientation and festivities. I can’t wait to see all the newbies arrive on campus. I’m excited to see what God does in their lives over the next 1-4 years. I know God has used the teaching and the people at TMC in great ways in my life and He continues to do so. I am really glad I get to be a part of what they are about and what they are doing.


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