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Letting Limitations Lead to Worship
August 9, 2010, 7:34 am
Filed under: Christian Living, Counseling, Discipline, Gospel, Lessons Learned, My life

I am not God. Limitations are an intrinsic part of my humanity and one that I rejoice in because of the evident reminder of my need for God. I am not like Him and I am thankful He is who He is and that He is without limits.

I’ve had a hard month and I’m only now starting to come out of my funk. The month was harder than it had to be because I fought against my humanity. Everything that came my way exposed my humanity, my failures, and my limitations. It also exposed my exalted views of myself. I thought I shouldn’t have to sleep. I should be able to provide everything everyone needed. I should be able to help everyone that needed help and solve everyone’s problems. I should be able to do everything without error. I should be able to contemplate everything that needs to be taken care of and I should have the strength, time, and resources to do it.

I had some role confusion. There is no doubt that there were tasks I needed to be faithful in and that things fell to me that shouldn’t have. There are some things that just need to get done. There are some things that it would be unloving to people to not administrate¬† in a timely fashion. More came than I had planned. If I would have known, I wouldn’t have made commitments I did. I didn’t know. No one did, but God did and He used it to show me that phrases like “provide everything,” “help everyone,” “solve everyone’s problems,” “meet everyone’s needs,” “without error,” “think of everything” are all phrases that can only be ascribed to Him. When I understand His role and my role I can act in faith and trust in Him. He provides the strength I need to do what He calls me to do.

When I recognize that I need sleep, I thank God for the rest He provides and pillow my head on His sovereignty. When I need to stop working in order to eat. I thank God for the bounty He has given us and for my enjoyment of food. I thank God for creating my body with a need for sleep and a need to eat which act as regular stopping points to remember He is God and I am not. When I see a need and I want to help but my resources, my time, and my energy can’t meet that need, I thank the God of all comfort and the God who provides that He is a very present help in time of need. I remember He doesn’t need me to meet that need. I am limited, but He is infinite. I grow tired, but He never sleeps. I am weak, but He is strong. I am sinful, proud, rebellious, and had no power against sin; but His son lived the perfect life, died to pay the penalty for my sin, called me to Himself, and put His righteousness on my account, so that I could have a restored relationship with Him. That leads me to worship.


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