Teaching to Learn and Learning to Teach

They Really Do Exist

Hi Everyone!

I refrained from calling you peeps. I’ve taking a liking to that word lately. I have no idea why. How would you feel about being called a peep?
It feels like it has been a while, since I have been posting things that had been written a while back. I’ve been taking classes and working, so life has been full. In the midst of the business, I acted like a “real” college student and did something a bit crazy that involved a late-night food run. I went to a Korean BBQ Taco Truck.  I had read about them in the AAA magazine and heard they were the new rage in Los Angeles. From 10:30p.m. to 12:30p.m. they were parked 2 minutes away from my work, so Rick, Esther, and I met Adrienne and Phil in downtown Newhall for a culinary fusion experience. People were lined up; others were sitting on the curb eating. Others had even brought lawn chairs and were sitting in the street having a good old time. It was a regular party. We ordered Korean BBQ tacos, burritos (a larger version of the taco), and koggi dogs.
I had never experienced kimchi before. I like it more than I anticipated. I had a lot of energy the next day, I don’t know that kimchi was the secret energy potion, I’m just stating an observation :) . It was probably more that I was refreshed by the peeps I was with. They are the type of people you can chill with, laugh hysterically with, eat good food with, and have solid, substantial conversations with. They are also the type of people that are not easily offended. They won’t mind that I referred to them as  marshmallow birds rolled in pink and yellow sugar. They’re just that cool.
Anyway … here are a few tips/maxims for you to remember if you ever have the opportunity to experience a Korean BBQ Taco Truck:

1. Try the BBQ beef burritos.

2. Tired eyes that long to be rubbed do not mix with food products eaten with the hands and dripping with kimchi. It burns!!!!!

3. They run out of food quickly.

4. Rick, Esther, Adrienne, and Phil are so cool.


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Thanks for the reminder of how much fun college was :)
And you can call me a peep if you want :)

Comment by Cherilyn

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