Teaching to Learn and Learning to Teach

I do not deserve this.

Let people’s love lead you to worship. I don’t know about you, but it is hard for me to have other people serve me and love me in a way that is extravagant and undeserving. I experience a great deal of love for my birthday that was undeserved. Knowing who I am, how much farther in the sanctification process I need to go, knowing how imperfect my love towards others is, knowing how often I fail or hurt others and then experiencing the extreme love and lavish gifts from friends and family is hard but good. Hard and good are the two biggest descriptors for life, especially life in Student Life :).  I’ve experienced a lot of kindness and grace from others this year. Sometimes I wanted my bosses to just yell at me (I know I’m weird). I didn’t always know how to handle their grace. Here are some major lessons I learned in this area this year:

1. God’s people are to be like him. I didn’t have a problem with God’s grace, but I wanted to earn people’s love and grace. I didn’t expect people to act like Christ, but the gospel is active and it transforms. All believers are being transformed to be more like Christ. I shouldn’t be surprised when followers of God respond with kindness, grace, patience, goodness, self sacrifice, and the list goes on. The student is becoming like the Master.

2. It honors and glorifies Him when his people look like Him. This is incarnational ministry.

3. God’s grace to me is often exhibited by the love, encouragement, rebuke, or admonition of another believer.

4. I should let another person’s acts that make me ask, “But why would she do that for me?” lead me to worship their Creator. It’s not about deserving. I do deserve wrath, but that’s where the good news of the gospel comes in the same good news that I am reminded of when another acts in a way that can only be explained through the work of the gospel of Christ in their life.

5. Often it is my sinful pride that desires independence and self-reliance instead of the inter-connected relationships with others that Christ intended us to have. We weren’t created to live independently of one another.

…and here are some pictures from my birthday:

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It’s always good to feel loved on your birthday :)
Glad you had a good one!

Comment by Cherilyn

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