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Weekend Finds

Good morning! I realize this post is a little delayed as this is coming in the middle of the week, but I am sure you are dying to know what  treasures I stumbled across last weekend.

Listening to Music while running is a good thing. You are probably saying, “Duh.” I know, I know. The truth is I just never really thought about it. I saw everyone else on the path who was running by themselves with an ipod and just chalked it up to culture today, but it really does help. I was able to shave time off my run just by having a beat to keep pace to. It was also amazing how the pain in my lungs, side, legs or anywhere else was not as noticeable; instead, I was more free to notice my surroundings.

  • There are a great deal of little lizards out right now. Late June and early July must be the typical season for baby lizards to be born, or spring sprung late this year.
  • The shadows were amazing: leaves swaying in the breeze and dark clouds with the light shining through.The large drops of rain began to fall sparsely out of the humid sky.
  • Cotton tail rabbits crossed my path, as did funny birds that run and don’t usually fly.

My ipod, which has not been used for nearly two years, will now be a regular companion on myruns walks jogs excursions. Since I have not changed the music on my ipod since 2007, I was limited in my song selection for running. To get something that was upbeat I went with Sugarland and Switchfoot. I dabbled in a few others that didn’t seem to work for running.  I am in the process of creating a jogging playlist. Any suggestions for what to include?

My second find was a Costco item. Products that contribute to a fast healthy meal are good things. My brother is a sweetheart. He helped me a great deal this weekend with stuff for the office. He spent a few hours at my work fixing all the things that needed fixing and putting together a bookshelf he helped me pick up from Ikea. While hanging out and running errands we found these at Costco:

These Sweet Carmelized Onion Chicken Burgers were being sampled at Costco. They are only sold there on road shows. I was a sucker for the sample and the not being able to normally buy them and asked Jeremy to split a package with me. He ended up fully paying for them and I ended up with the full box at my house. Aren’t brothers great? If you are a young girl with older brothers, no need to worry there are perks to being a little sister at the end of the tunnel :).

Heat up one of these fully cooked  burgers, place it on a bed of leafy greens. Top with heirloom tomatoes and you are in for a good healthy meal. dressings/sauces, bread, and cheese are all optional. They are a bit pricey, but quick, healthy meals don’t come cheap. They are over a dollar per patty. The patties are 1/4 lb. and come in five separate packages, two per pack, which makes this a great option for me because I don’t usually want to eat ten of anything at a time. These will last a while, or maybe not, because I do really enjoy them. The other great thing about the packaging is that the five individual packages come in a tub with a lid. This can be used to deliver a meal to someone else. I love it! I hope Costco gets these on their regular docket.

I hope you all had a grand productive weekend as well.


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Well if you can pretend you don’t know what she wears at her concerts, Lady Gaga has some songs that are fun to work out to! They play them at my gym and are pumped up.

Comment by Cherilyn

Haha. I will give it a try. Thanks for the recommendation.

Comment by teachingtolearn

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