Teaching to Learn and Learning to Teach

What a Day!

While I realize the title of this post can be taken two ways, I mean it in the best way possible. I would say it was one of the best days ever, but that would sound cliché. I’m told I use the word best too frequently. In college my friends would tease me saying that every cup of coffee I drank was “the best cup ever”.

Here are the little moments that made my day great (and I’m sure there are some that didn’t even make the list):

  • Walking to Starbucks in the A.M.
  • Getting the Opportunity to Bring One of My Roommates a Drink
  • Receiving Grace (even if it was in my employer’s interest to do so, they didn’t have to)
  • My Boss Reminding Me over the Phone of my Humanity and the Gospel and How that Relates to Life in the Office Right Now
  • Getting the Following Email From a Friend regarding my Birthday:
    “Ok. Here’s all you need to know… Be in the King Hall parking lot Saturday at 6:30pm. Dress is casual. Come hungry :)”
  • A Great Conversation over Lunch with a Friend/ Co-worker
  • Dave Arriving in the Office
  • The Squeals of Delight and the Shouts of Excitement that Accompanied Dave and Tricia being in the Office
  • Having Kids Visit the Office
  • My Boss Appreciating all the Little Things I Worked on in his Absence and the Fact that he Liked the Things I Moved forward on without his Approval
  • Sunflowers Delivered to My Desk
  • Delivering Full Deposit Checks to Apartment Renters that are Moving Out
  • Getting to Help People in the Move Out Process
  • The Grace, Encouragement, and Counsel I receive from Friends and Roommates. ( I don’t know why people care, but their care is evident.)
  • Going for a Run and Getting to Speak for the First Time with People who I Frequently See on the Path. I asked an older gentleman, who I see more frequently than anyone else, how far he walks. He replied, “As far as my legs take me. 2 1/2 miles that way and 2 1/2 miles back. He told me that he thinks my little trek (four little loops on the path) is 6 miles. I think that is a strech, but I would be happy if it was 5. It is one of those things, where I didn’t dare guess. It would have been like the estimate of a three-year-old trying to guess the age of an adult. I could be off by 4 miles in either direction. He was really encouraging, though. He said, “You are doing great. You move very quickly :).”
  • I kept pace with a coyote on the path. Not only was it fun to watch him run (creation never ceases to amaze me), but it was fun to see people’s responses as they came from the other direction and encountered the coyote. “THAT’S A COYOTE!” I tried to get a photo for you all, but before I could some people scared him off the path. When I passed his spot in the brush, I booked it out of there. He had looked like he was on the prowl, and I didn’t want him to confuse me with his dinner/prey.
  • A Young Teenage Guy Holding the Door for Me at In-N-Out (Anyone holding a door is just very thoughtful and always makes me happy.)
  • Hearing my Name Called Behind me at In-N-Out and Turning to See a  Coworker I Don’t Really Know behind Me in Line. (I got to meet her husband and I got to know her a little better as we waited for our orders. I think we will be great friends in the future. She drives a vespa :) )

I don’t deserve any of this kindness, yet God showers it on me and he uses his creation (usually people) to do it. Recognizing that there is no reason for people to do these acts of kindness for me is humbling. Recognizing God at work in their lives behind it… is delightful. For some of them it is clear that the gospel is why they do what they do, for others God is sovereignly orchestrating our interactions. It’s amazing how much He cares about the details and about you and about me. That’s something to rejoice in even when the day is long and you aren’t in contr0l. You aren’t ever in control; Jesus is always sovereign and that news is something to rejoice in.


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