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I’m playing in the snow…

… just playing in the snow. What a glorious Independence Day! I’m playing in the snow.

Well, Al Gore must have fixed the global warming problem, because while we were visiting Kellie’s parents for the weekend we had a snow encounter, in California, on the Fourth of July. Or, perhaps this is a part of “Climate Change.”

On another note, I don’t usually start sentences with conjunctions as I did in my last “sentence.” I grew up learning it was taboo and still believe it to be incorrect. I’ve been reading a book, however, entitled On Writing Well, that claims that we need to throw out the notion that we cannot start sentences with conjunctions like “or” or “but.” I thought I would give it a try, but I’m not convinced. It’s still a fragment masquerading as a sentence. Despite disagreeing with the author on a few topics, including political views and conjunctions, I highly recommend the book.

Now, here are some pictures of the effects of global warming on Fourth of July traditions:

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You make me laugh! I find that when starting a sentence with a conjunction it gives it a more personal tone. It’s like talking with a good friend and shows the personality of the person who is writing. Appropriate uses= blog, inappropriate uses= mostly everything else :)

Comment by Cherilyn

I agree. Blogging is more of a conversation and uses more of a personal tone. I’ll allow it there or in texting, but not in anything that is in print, especially not in my students’ papers.

Comment by teachingtolearn

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