Teaching to Learn and Learning to Teach


You would be shocked at the games some households of single girls play:

Vacuum Chicken: “Let’s see who can hold out the longest when the floor is disgusting.”

China Jenga: How high can you stack the dirty dishes, while pulling out the ones you need to make future meals?

Name that smell: Is it coming from the trash, the refrigerator, or the laundry?

Cinderella Make Believe: “I’ll be a step sister and you be Cinderella. You get to do all the cleaning yourself.”

I’m very thankful for my roommates who clean and I’m glad we all share the household duties (Except for cooking – Sarah has done more than her fair share in the last few months. We and our stomachs thank her. She’s a great cook!). Even without our system, I’m convinced that we would still have a semi-clean house, but our system is successful in the following ways:

1. Keeping us accountable

2. Keeping the house clean

3. The lack of tension and conflict over messes and who is responsible to clean them

4. Providing us with fun opportunities.

So, if you are looking to move in with a group of girls and want some suggestions, here’s how we do it:

We divvy up the chores. In the past we have had a weekly rotation. Now, we have our set chores with minor changes every once in a while. Every week the following chores are done: sorting mail, tidying the porch and the laundry room, dusting, vacuuming, sweeping and mopping, bathrooms cleaned, trash taken out, and kitchen thoroughly cleaned. If a roommate is too busy in a given week to do their share, no problem. It will just cost $5 which is placed in a household fund. The chore is left undone for one week – no harm. Not doing chores affects everyone, but everyone benefits from the fund increasing. Recently the fund took us out to CPK for dinner after a day of hanging out together in Ventura. We enjoyed a predominately clean house most of the year and hangout time together while eating a free dinner at California Pizza Kitchen – not a bad deal!

I like our system and I’m thankful we have a house that may not be spotless, but that a visitor would feel comfortable to drop by any time .

Well, enough writing about chores, I need to do mine :).


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