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How to End up in a Colombian Bridal Magazine
May 14, 2010, 7:10 pm
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…when you are a single, white girl.

1. Have three handsome, masculine older brothers.

2. One single older brother must attend classes at a Junior College where he can meet a Colombian-American high school girl who is also taking classes.

3. Brother must attend homecoming with said girl’s best friend.

4. Said girl, let’s call her Bel, must invite brother to her brother’s wedding as her date but not speak to him the entire evening.

5. Bel and brother (let’s call him Beast J) should both attend U.C.  Berkley

6. Bel and J should remain friends for almost a decade before he actually asks her out.

7. J should not tell his family members that he is dating her, but just run into them with her on his arm and not properly introduce them so that his sister wonders, “Who is this girl hanging on my brother?”.

8. Long dating period for J and Bel should ensue.

9. J should propose on New Year’s Eve after closing at a location where he calls the female security guard a sir while trying to explain that he needs a few minutes more to propose.

10. Their wedding should take place in Bogota.

11. Hire a photographer that doesn’t care to ask permission to use your pictures.

12. Take a shot of everyone at the wedding including the white girl mentioned prior to this list.

I know I made some parts of J and B’s story sound a bit sketch, they really weren’t. The emphases were added for dramatic effect. What was a bit sketch was the front cover of the Colombian bridal magazine, so it was not included with the pictures. What is true of J and B’s story is that apart from the sovereignty of God, I don’t think they would be together :). All that waiting, poor timing, and misunderstandings (in human terms) and yet it still ended up happening. Praise God that He works in ways that can only explained by Him.


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