Teaching to Learn and Learning to Teach

Senior Staff Retreat
May 13, 2010, 6:56 pm
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Just back from staff retreat and I wanted to reflect a little on that time in this post. Every year (Can I say that when it is only my second year working here?) the senior staff takes off to a cabin for a few days. It is a time of cooking together, relaxation, unhurried conversations, thoughtful reflection, a lot of laughter, and this year we added in two fractured ribs, a broken foot, and a twisted, swollen knee.

My heart is full of thanks to God for staff retreat, for the people I work with, and for what I get to do. One lesson God has been persistent about teaching me which He drove home on the retreat is how limited my view and understanding of others really is. I rarely see what is going on below the surface of a person. I may see a smiley cheerful person, but really he has had a very difficult year. I may only know of a person’s sense of humor or creativity, but she is full of wisdom. I may also know of someone’s wisdom and thoughtfulness and not know that he is funny. I may see someone as very outgoing and not know that she feels very lonely. It’s so easy to make judgments without really knowing. I want to be more mindful of this, so that in the midst of the business, I slow down, ask questions, and become more aware of and sympathetic toward others needs or sorrows. I’m praying for wisdom to read people and to know how to minister to them.

Another prayer of mine that has stemmed from staff retreat is that I would be more mindful of how God is at work in others lives, so that I can communicate that to them. It’s sometimes harder to see how God is at work in your own life than in others. Communicating God’s grace and faithfulness as you see it displayed in another’s life is an amazing way to encourage someone who is burdened by seeing more personal sin than God’s work in changing him. In order to do this, I have to take my eyes off of myself.

Lastly, I am praying that I would be less selfish. I saw during our trip how much I am focused on myself, especially in my speech (the quantity, the focus, the need to get my point in, etc.). My prayer would be that as I spend time in the gospels this summer that I would be so captivated by my Lord that my focus and gaze would be on Him and His grace. That will lead me to be more thoughtful of others and to die to self daily to take up my cross and follow Him.

… and because no post should be without a picture, here is a random picture from retreat.

Ona and Jake decided to cut their hair in honor of the arrival of summer.


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