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Adding a New Term to my Personal Dictionary
April 27, 2010, 10:23 pm
Filed under: Christian Living, Community, Friends, Life, school days, work

I learned a new term last week from one of my coworkers:


I had never heard this term and was puzzled. A friend-crush is defined as someone you see from a distance/ or who you have heard about or know about through reputation with whom you want to be friends. I have many friend crushes. The following are a few off the top of my head: SN, PM, JK, K&JD, HJ, JL, JM, JB, BC, B, SJ, BP, KZ, KC, RA and J&MH. Two months ago the “off the top of my head” list would have been longer, but now I consider some of those peeps my friends rather than friend-crushes :).

I also have friend-crushes on three people I have never met: P.W., Darby, Erika . Who wouldn’t want to be their friends? A few random, past, present, and future IBEX students who I don’t personally know but have heard stories about or with whom I have mutual friends and shared memories could be included in this category as well..


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