Teaching to Learn and Learning to Teach


I had two reminders of grace this evening. The first came in the form of a SLS meeting at my job. SLS stands for Servant Leadership Staff. They are a group of students who humbly and boldly seek to lead by serving others on our campus. Sitting in a room tonight with all of this year’s staff who have faithfully served and with the new generation of SLSers who will be serving next year was exciting. Seeing 200 college-age kids saying I want to be held accountable to loving God and others and to serve was also a good reminder of how God’s grace produces fruit and super-natural desires in our lives. It is not natural for humans to want to give of themselves for others, especially that annoying, insensitive, wingmate, but because these students’ have received God’s grace, they are motivated to move out and love others. They sign up to be held accountable to that. Because they are disciples of Christ, they want to disciple others. Because God has been gracious to them, they want to extend grace to others. Because they have received love, they choose to love. Grace motivates. Grace drastically changes lives…

… it also changes the speed of my vehicle. While singing on my way home from said SLS meeting, I was aware of only a few things: 1. God is great 2.  It seemed a long way home  and 3. The roads were virtually empty aside from the one car a ways behind me who eventually pulled up next to me at an intersection.
At the red light, the car honked. Normally, I hesitate. Do I look when a car honks at me? Is it better to just ignore the honk? Since one of my coworkers drives the same route home, I looked over. Next to me sat a police car.
Here’s a little background of my relationship with cops: Normally I am terrified of police. The one time I was pulled over my hands were shaking so badly that I couldn’t get my license out of my wallet. Given that it was New Year’s Eve, I was certain he was going to assume I was drunk and impound my car and haul me off to jail. It didn’t matter that I hadn’t had a drop and any test would reveal that (except for maybe the test of walking in a straight line – I don’t know if in my fear I could have accomplished that feat), in my mind that CHP officer could do me great harm.
Tonight, however, when I turned and saw the police man, there was no fear. I didn’t think I had been doing anything wrong. Boy was I wrong. I thought perhaps he was going to tell me something was wrong with my car. After figuring out how to roll down my passenger window, he spoke. “You need to slow down.” Apparently I was driving 2o miles over the speed limit and a ticket like that can be around $700. I thanked him and you can bet that the rest of the way home, I drove the speed limit. Grace shouldn’t be abused. It should motivate you to obey.


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