Teaching to Learn and Learning to Teach

MacGuyver I Am Not; A Dreaming Idealist I am

Relationships are so important. I can’t even know and understand myself or the motives of my heart a part from relationship with others. That’s how God made us.

A couple weeks ago I had two revelations in one day thanks to a dear friend and a brother that makes me smile.

The first came when I was explaining why I didn’t go pick up my phone from my brother before work. I knew I had to get up early to make it down to Burbank and back by 8:30am. I also knew that it would be hard to wake up without my cell phone since I use it as an alarm. I have an alarm clock, but it’s the kind that has a little  hammer that hits bells and makes them ring. It’s cute and I love it, but it wakes up my entire household. As a result, it acts as more of a decorative accent, and I use my cell phone as my alarm. Problem: I didn’t have my cell phone; it was in Burbank. I wanted to be thoughtful of them since I was getting up extra early, so I attempted to muffle the sound. I loosely placed a tissue between the hammer and bells imagining it would create a kind of vibrate mode I would awaken to, but that my roommates would not scorn. I thought it was a brilliant idea … but …  it didn’t work. I effectively put my old fashioned alarm on silence mode rather than vibrate. I woke up shortly before I had to be at work. At the end of the story my brother mocked me by calling me MacGyver. Apparently I thought I was handy and crafty in a pinch; it was a rude awakening to realize I’M NOT :). Haha.

The next insight was more serious in nature. It also came from discussing my need to pick up my cell phone from my brother. This time I was talking to my dear friend. She was laughing and saying that it seems like I am always on my second plan and things don’t usually seem to go easily or smoothly for me. As I contemplated this, I came to the realization that I don’t plan realistically; I plan according to the ideal. My plans include having 20 hours in my work day, tasks accomplishing themselves, and being able to meet every need and get everything that needs to be done done today. This led to a very helpful conversation with my friend about expectations and being willing to do what is necessary and not necessarily what is extravagant. I have a hard time getting things done according to plan because my plan includes making a banquet for 2o people in an hour instead of a snack when a snack would do.

I learned six years ago, in a conversation with another friend, that my idea of doing my best on school work was, “If I had an infinite amount of time, how would I do x? Ok, now that is my best and that is what I have to do.” He very kindly pointed out that’s not what God has called me to and He hasn’t given me an infinite amount of time. That rocked my world and radically transformed the rest of my college years. I just never realized that I lived all of my life like this, from cooking dinner to running errands to helping others. You name it and if I thought of a way to make it better I had to do it, but I had to do it with the limited time. It was very helpful to have a mom of 3 point out that one cannot live life that way and you don’t always have to shoot for gold. You can find a happy medium.


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