Teaching to Learn and Learning to Teach

Woman to Woman

I’ve previously explained here what this event is about . This semester we hosted it at our house and  my boss’s wife, who is also a dear friend (and a big name to draw sign-ups for an event like this :)), joined us.

We couldn’t seat everyone at a table. You can’t serve soup and salad on paper products when people aren’t eating at a table,… so we decided bowls worked better than plates for eating salad  in the living room. With 15 people over, however, we wouldn’t have enough remaining bowls to serve soup, so we opted for mugs. I really liked it. I also recommend bottled drinks for a function like this. When people set their drink on the floor, they weren’t wondering if it would tip over.

The Menu:

Hummus, Pita, and Olives
Chipotle Almonds
An Amazing Salad (constructed by Lauren)
Bean and Sausage Ragou
Apple Crisp (made by Heidi)

My roommates were AMAZING helpers.

Though good, the menu wasn’t the best part. We had amazing, sweet girls who were hilarious and new how to laugh, but who were also very thoughtful in their discussion.

One girl asked Heidi how to differentiate between red flags in a relationship with a guy and understanding that he is immature but won’t always be that way. She said this knowing that Heidi’s husband wasn’t always as mature and wise as he is today.

Heidi’s answer was very good. She said you want to be looking for someone who is teachable, pursuing discipleship, asking for older men’s input in their lives, quick to ask for forgiveness and someone who loves God. As someone points out his immaturity in an area, does he run from it, deny it, or acknowledge it and seek to grow in that area?

Don’t you single ladies out there think that is helpful? We can’t look for Mr. Perfect, but we do have to be selective in choosing someone for the rest of our lives. Heidi gave a disclaimer and told us not to go date and marry some jerk saying, “But Heidi said they would change.”

As I listened to her talk, I couldn’t help but ask  myself, “Do I fit that description of what I should be looking for?”. Probably not. The whole discussion led to helpful thinking. It was also cool to hear a godly woman praise her husband.

All in all it was a great night of food and fellowship.

We’ve been having quite a bit of food and fellowship at our house.  Last week we had 10 people for brunch. A couple weeks ago we had 60 people in our house at one time. Click here to read more about that.


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