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What do you say when…
January 29, 2010, 7:32 am
Filed under: FUN!, My life, Quirky

…someone at church asks out of the blue, “Are you interested in meeting a young man?”

I said YES! :) It led to a good conversation and I don’t think it is a bad question to ask, but it did make me smile.

…someone knocks on the bathroom door at work while you are in there?

One minute? Hold on? I’m in here? It’s occupied?

I get flustered and fluctuate between silence and “I’ll be out in a minute.”

… a friend asks what’s going on between you another friend and if you like him?

I replied, “Nothings going on but I do enjoy hanging out with him.” Then to get her general opinion I asked, “Why, do you like him?” She replied in horror, “Jenn, I’m married!” I laughed really hard and then explained my comment wasn’t a juvenile girl saying, “Do you like him too?”, but rather a desire for a recommendation or character reference. I still can’t believe she thought I was asking her if she LIKED him :).

… the lady at the cash register comments on the jacket you are wearing and then your necklace and says, “I’m just checking you out.”?

Thank you? Have a good night?

…several people stop to admire your cake in the grocery store and comment on it?

Let me set the stage: I bought the cake for a thirty-something-year-old male because of the corny trifecta of balloons, clown, and sun with a smiley face. It’s supposed to be funny and they think it is an awesome cake. It is an adorable cake for a toddler.

I just said, “Thanks.”

… when you call someone and they answer the phone saying, “I may meet you at the morgue later.”

She thought I was her husband and was telling him that at the moment she wanted to kill some of their children. (Don’t worry, she wasn’t serious.) God bless homeschooling moms.

I remained silent until she said hello. When I started talking, she started laughing and I started laughing. I said, ” Well, I would ask you how your day is going, but I don’t need to.”

I think I have had my quota of humorous/”How do I respond?” moments for the day.


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These last few posts have been about men! Do you need to tell your cousin something? :)

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