Teaching to Learn and Learning to Teach

More Benefits to Not Buying Groceries

More benefits from my challenge to not buy groceries for a month:

  • My social calendar has never been so full.
  • I  learned I can make a pie crust. I always heard they were temperamental and had used store-bought, but it doesn’t seem that difficult. They turned out flakey and delicious.  I made tiny apple crumb pies.
  • I stumbled upon southwestern tacos. I consider these very TexMex. I had left over fried chicken, so I chopped it into small pieces, mixed it with sautéed onions and diced bacon, a splash of hot sauce, and smothered it in BBQ sauce. I then placed it on warm corn tortillas and topped it off with my favorite avocado salsa [Dice avocados. Mix in with sliced cherub tomatoes (or even better an assortment of different colored mini-tomatoes). Add a dash of garlic, coarse salt, and ground pepper, a touch of cayenne, and a splash of citrus juice. It forms a chunky salsa.] You don’t even need to add cheese. It is that good.
  • I also made snacks for my Perspectives class, my home Bible study, and my office from what I had on hand. They were big hits. I will share my recipe for Chicken Salad Creations in the coming days. I realized the challenge with making food from what you have on hand is coming up with a name. You can’t call something “Potatoes along with Everything Else I had Leftover in the Fridge.” I’ve noticed that the easy names that sound delicious like “Chicken Salad Creations,” “Avocado Awesomes,” “Blueberry Goodness,” etc. all contain words that can be ascribed to God. I don’t know how I feel about this.

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