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A Full Week
January 11, 2010, 6:09 am
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Wow! Life has been busy. I’ve been hanging out with real people this week instead of communicating with imaginary people online :) . Hanging out with people has reminded me how much I like them and how it is only wearisome when I am focussed on me and on pleasing them rather than on God.

This is what I have been up to besides working:

Saturday, January 2 – Went to go see the Rosebowl floats with Lisa and Gary, but instead ended up going to a random coffee shop, William Sonoma, and eating at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. They really do serve fried chicken and waffles together and both are delicious! Picked up one of my housemates at the airport. We then met another housemate and her parents at CPK for dinner. It was fun to have them all come home after spending the week before alone at home. I did not speak to anyone that week except for exchanging a few pleasantries with a cashier at the grocery store and a few short conversations on the phone.

Sunday, January 3 – Church and nothing too exciting.

Monday, January 4 – Back to work and nothing too exciting. I realize I’m not really proving my point about being busy and hanging out with people, but it was fun to get back to work on this day and hear about everyone’s breaks. Have I mentioned I love my coworkers?

Tuesday, January 5 – Went with my coworker’s to Cha Cha Cha a Caribbean fusion restaurant in L.A. Soooo good and so fun. The decor and the people I went with made it a worthwhile trip. Karrie and I split jerk chicken and a salmon dish. Delicious!  I also highly recommend the guava flan. It may not sound good but it is a culinary treat! To my surprise I didn’t really feel like a student hanging out in the teachers’ lounge.

Wednesday, January 6 – Went to dinner with all my brothers and my dad. BJ’s mini pizzas were on the menu! After dinner, we sat around for a few hours discussing politics and theology.

Thursday, January 7 – Went to Life Group (I feel like that title warrants an explanation, so here it is: that is what my church calls their home Bible studies). I brought brownies since I hadn’t been in a while and didn’t know who was bringing a snack. Two other people also brought brownies :). There were only three other families there besides me :).

Friday, January 8 – Went and hung out for dinner with a family from my work and church (minus the husband who was out of town for work). I had never hung out with them much before. It was a delightful time. Well behaved kids (4 + a neighbor), interesting and beneficial conversation, and I made a new friend (Mary). Oh, and their two-year-old warmed my heart. He cracks himself up.

I also spent two of my lunches this week off-campus with a group of admin. assistants for other departments. It was refreshing to hang out with them. I also appreciated the times I got to chat with the Dean of Women.

Saturday, January 9 – Went to see The Blind Side with a friend from my home Bible study. Such a good movie. Then we went back to her house to play dominoes with her husband and girls. It has been a delight recently to spend time with people from church during the week.

Sunday, January 10 – Dinner with Jeremy. I made Avocado Awesomes (so named by my brother; eventually I will type up a recipe to share) and created a new sandwich (which, because of sun-dried tomatoes, tasted too much like pizza for my tastes). We also ate kettle corn and drank coffee while watching a movie.

This was an unusual week: I usually eat out rather infrequently!

I am so blessed and thankful to be able to spend time with the people I do and to have so many opportunities living where I do.

What’s up next? This week I have a houseguest, I’m going to see Mary Poppins , Perspectives starts at my church, and I’m attending Truth and Life.

You may be wondering how my resolutions are going. Well… I’ve rid my life of many old magazines and my binders are looking splendid. As you can see from this post, I have eaten out quite a bit this week, but I’ve also used up some items around the house too.  I didn’t break my resolve, because it was always with other people and I wasn’t buying groceries. No incredible creations, but I have enjoyed what I have eaten. I did enjoy my southwestern bbq chicken tacos. They were so tasty that I didn’t need any cheese or sour cream to spruce them up.


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