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Out with the Old, In with the New
January 1, 2010, 1:44 pm
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My Reading List from 2009 – I wouldn’t necessarily recommend all of them. Some were read for entertainment or curiosity. Some of them I have discussed and recommended before on the blog . Although I don’t believe I ever mention any of the Lamp Lighter Series Books*, I highly recommend them. They are enjoyable, easy reads and draw your heart to love Christ more. They teach, they delight, and they inspire you to live a life worthy of your call as a believer.

Self Raised*
Getting Things Done
Silas Marner
The Gospel According to Jesus
Research Strategies
Life in the Father’s House
Daddy Long Legs
Exiles in Babylon*
A Year in High Heels
Fitness 9 to 5
Twice Adopted
Found God’s Will
Relationships: A Mess Worth Making
Leading with Love
Respectable Sins
The Practice of the Presence of God
Sir Malcolm & The Missing Prince*
The White Gypsy*
The Enemy Within
Speaking the Truth in Love

Here are the books stacked in my room awaiting to be read in 2010. I need more free time :).

That Printer of Udele’s
Nine Marks of A Healthy Church
Thomas Boston
The Reagan Diaries
Do Hard Things
Hunting Eichmann
The Godly Man’s Picture
The Minister as Shepherd
Getting a Grip
The Freshman Year Experience
Comforts from the Cross
Instructing the Child’s Heart
Uprooting Anger
“Don’t Make Me Count to Three!”
Heaven for Kids
Counsel from the Cross
Blame it on the Brain
Three Cups of Tea
God is the Gospel
President Reagan
Living the Cross Centered Life
The Peacemaker
Seeing with New Eyes
Step by Step
War of Words
How People Change
Running Scarred
A Quest for More
Caught Off Guard
Anna Karenina

Yes… Wild at Heart is on my list. I don’t expect to agree with it, but I thought since I came across a copy it would be good to read it for myself and think through what I disagree with. Maybe I will do a future post on it.

Happy New Year, Y’all!


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