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The Benefits of Single Adults Living with Families

Wow! A lot has changed in the last year and a half.

18 months ago … I was a Jr. High teacher.
17 months ago …. I was working in a summer day camp.
16 months ago …. I went to LA for a month of MA classes.
16 months ago … I had an interview for my job.
(with three people I hardly knew who I now consider dear friends)
15 months ago… I was in Colombia.
(for my wonderful brother’s marriage to the beautiful, sweet Belinda)
14 months ago… I moved to Texas for 2 months.
(while I waited for my new job to start)
12 months ago… I moved to LA, into my house, and started my new job.
11 months ago… I went from a part-time training period to a full-time employee.

Thinking about the fact that I moved to So. Cal. a year ago has made me reflect on my stopover in Texas. It has made me very thankful for the opportunity extended by my dear friends.

Before I moved to Texas, I had heard of single adults living with couples or families. I thought it was bizarre to live with a family that wasn’t your own. When my friends, who for much of our friendship lived thousands of miles away, called and said, “What are you planning on doing until your new job starts? We were thinking you could come live out here. We could give you some work to do. We’ll have to work a few things out, but you can live with us…” I didn’t hesitate to say yes, although I did wonder how it would turn out. I bought a flexible ticket in case anything changed  or if it didn’t work out. My view of living with a family did change and I would have delayed my flight and stayed a month later, if I didn’t already have other firm plans to keep.

Here are a few benefits for a single living with a family: 

  • Living with a family leads to a more balanced life. The areas in my life that were more balanced included: work, recreation, play, exercise, chores, and interacting with people of all ages. Balance definitely applies to food. You sit down to balanced meals at regular times. It also applies to time. I have a tendency to work a lot, be that on homework, projects, jobs I’m paid for, jobs I volunteer for, etc. While living with a family, I had built-in, beneficial, fun breaks: soccer in the backyard when homework is done, obstacle courses in the back yard on Saturdays, family Bible reading, piano olympics, dinner around the table, watching presidential candidate debates, grocery shopping, cooking dinner, Women’s Bible Study, reading time at the local library, AWANA …. you get the point. Many of these things not only provided a break, but some also added natural work outs to my week :).
  • With this living situation, singles also learn to be more considerate and less selfish. You learn to be a part of the team, to help clean, or keep the household running. You can babysit or lighten the load on a full day. When you only live with independent people in the same stage of life as you, you can very easily neglect the selfless care of others. I know I can. That doesn’t have to be true, but living with a family tends to make you more readily consider the needs of others.
  • You learn about parenting and family life. You see things that if the Lord gives you a family you would like to apply.
  • In essence it is built-in discipleship. Titus 2 instructs the older women to teach the younger. This is very easy to do as you live life together.
  • It gives security and safety. You know who to call if something goes wrong.
  • ITS A JOY!  [Disclaimer: You have to have the right mix of single adult and a family. This may not work for everyone.]

There are many more benefits as well… but those are a few thoughts I thought I would share. I’m very thankful for the opportunity that was given to me.


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I did the same thing 2 years ago! My last 5 months in Idaho I lived with my 2nd cousins. they were family, yes, but it was wonderful to be part of their family! My cousin was a senior and I enjoyed having a younger brother! Great post!

Comment by Cherilyn

[…] Benefits of Singles Living with Families […]

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