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Being Sick…
November 19, 2009, 11:58 pm
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… It stinks, but I’m also very thankful for it.

One of my college roommates and I were always thankful when we got sick, because it seemed to be a divine command to rest. It was our senior year and a busy semester of ministry.

I still think of that when I get sick, but I perhaps need a refresher course in that lesson of thankfulness. Being sick has made me think of a number of other things for which I am thankful. Those things include but are not limited to:

1. Being  sick is humbling. It has reminded me of my humanity and God’s deity. I want to keep going and be self-sufficient. I don’t want to let anyone down. It’s sin. It is the sin of pride and it is the sin of ungodliness. If you don’t believe me, read Jerry Bridge’s Respectable Sins. He writes the following regarding the sin of ungodliness,

“Again let me emphasize that you may be living a morally upright life and be a regular attendee at church but still be ungoldy if God is seldom in your thoughts” (60).

If God was regularly in my thoughts I wouldn’t need a reminder of my frailty or of my place and of who He is. I am guilty of ungodliness and thankful that God in His love doesn’t leave me in my sin, but sends sickness my way to cure me of self-deceipt.

2. I’m thankful God made us to work. I’m tired of being at home and would love to be productive once again. Can you imagine a life of only rest, ease, and leisure? No thank you. Not for me.

3. I’m thankful for the people I get to see on a regular basis in my life. I miss them and am reminded of their Christ-like care for me as they show me such grace, patience, and concern when I am ill (even if it is sometimes against my stubborn will).

4. Being sick makes one think of family and home. I’m thankful that in less than a week I will be with my family. We have the most spectacular Thanksgiving celebrations since our family doubled in size when my brother married a little over a year ago. Her family adopted our family. Thanksgiving will mean good food, lots of hugs, laughter, being asked if I play the piano yet (since I am the only one in my house who doesn’t), and games late, LATE into the night (spoons gets pretty competitive, but in a humorous not horrible way), and then more food and more games.

5. I’m thankful that being sick now probably means I won’t get sick in the frigid Bay Area over the Thanksgiving Holiday (Lord willing).

6. I’m thankful that while I have been bored at home, I’ve been able to empty my text message folder which was full and I’ve been able to lower the items on my google reader from over 1,000 to 256 (now 257 as I continue writing).

7. I’m thankful for a reminder that I need to be taking care of my body. My eating habits of late have been less than healthy. I’m eating more colorful food now that I am ill (sweet potatoes, spinach, blueberries) and I’m taking vitamins again ( I hadn’t wanted to spend the money, but I decided being sick isn’t worth it). I’m also staying hydrated – more water, less coffee.

8. All thankfulness is not equal… but I am thankful that you can watch TV on the internet. I’ve been home many hours this week and we don’t have cable.

9. I’m thankful that with improvements in technology work is more portable. I still need several things at the office, but I can do quite a bit from home too.

10. I’m thankful I can accept this cold as lovingly sent from my Heavenly Father.


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