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The Purpose of Spelling Bees and Grammar Exercises
November 5, 2009, 7:29 am
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I love it when people with ridiculous arguments nullify their point with their failure to proofread or spell check. I know I’m guilty of this too; I am an extremely bad speller and grammar is not my forte. It is, however, extremely ironic to me that the following spelling or grammar errors were made while mocking or questioning the statements of the former president of the United States. The mistakes make you wonder how educated these commentators are (especially when we live in the wonderful world of spell check). It is almost as ironic as the following sentence:

Huked on fonix reely wurkz fur me!

I am very thankful for a mom and teachers who stressed spelling and grammar. Of course I am thankful for my English teachers, but I’m extremely thankful for teachers in every other subject who cared about spelling enough to dock points even though it didn’t directly relate to the subject they were teaching.

Here are the comments in response to President Bush’s comments on Obama’s policies that fueled this post:

“Why in heavens’ name are these republicans so afraid of an extra notch of social justice and humanity? It is as if they gloat in seeeing people in pain and mysery. People still can have their private insurance policies if they wish (or can afford) to do so.”

“Would be nice if he just fell off the face of the earth.”

“Still has that smirk on his face. He was a failure and should keep his comments to him self.”

“I think Bush should shut up and go back to his Cage. We have had private insurance companies run the Health Care and look what happened. What environment he is talking about that would create wealth?”

“the private sector got us into this, they are the ones to get us out of it? if we havent learned to do the oppositte of wut bush says by now weve got problems!”
– “WOW!” is my necessary response.

“Bush need to shut up. He did nothing for eight years. He is the reason why we are in this mess. America has a Predident that will bring positive change to America and to the world. It is happened right now. There may be people at Gimto that will kill Americans and there are people in Ameica that will kill American. Stop trying to scare people, it won’t work this time around. Go back to Texas your time is up. It’s a day now”
-My response to this comment, “It is immature and riddled with punctuation, spelling, typing and logical errors.”

“I think he needs to enjoy the rest of his life and get put of politics all together.”

“His policies have left this country is a mess.”

“Who cares what this loser has to say.”
– I believe that is a question. Questions usually end with a question mark.

I felt like this was enough to prove my point, which is stay in school and learn what your teachers require of you; it may actually come in handy in the future. Education, logic, and common sense may actually prevent you from thinking that you are entitled to everything, the government is the source of everything you are entitled to, the government can do everything better than the free market, and to top it all off you may be able to argue your point without using the derogatory comments of  “loser” or “shut up.”


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